About Tansy

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Private/Collective Offerings
  • Guided Meditation Teaching

  • Holistic Counselling

  • Tarot Card Reading

  • Tarot Card Reading Teacher

  • Reiki Healer (Master)

  • Shamanic Healing 

  • Spiritual Guidance

My Story


The whole of my life has been impacted by the extraordinary benefits of meditation, tarot and spirituality. From a very young age my father would encourage us to meditate and show us how to bring stillness and silence naturally into our lives; and learn how to use it to help with anxiety, stress and deeper insight.

I became a meditation teacher in 2013 in order to share the benefits of this beautiful, natural practise with others’.

I have been a practicing professional Tarot Reader for 6 years however have been reading, learning and practising Tarot for 20 years. I offer Tarot readings for clarity and insight; particularly around challenges, changes or any feelings of being 'stuck' that we're facing. I run several courses, practical sessions and mentorship programmes for those wanting to learn the Tarot.


Six years ago I became deeply attracted to learning to deepen my intuition and spiritual work, becoming a Reiki Master, Intuitive Counsellor and professional Shamanic Healing Practitioner. 

To book a session with me, contact me at tansyahealing@gmail.com or click below



""Tansy provides a wonderful healing space and offers her gifts as a true spiritual service in a very sympathetic loving way that your heavy day is lifted and given new energy. She coaches and encourages you as she gives you important real guidance. Her gifts really strike home and are delivered in a way that you know are attuned to the universe. If you are going through struggles, she is there to help you understand you are supported in this world, which is amazing and therapeutic. I can't wait for my next session! "

D. Harrell

Instagram: tansy_alexandra