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Crypto Program: Beginner

  • 14Weeks
  • 51Steps


This beginners program is perfect for those wanting to develop a little more understanding of the crypto space and gain entry to in order to buy some Bitcoin and possibly a few other coins. This program will give you access to all the teachings you will need to guide you from complete crypto beginner to crypto coin holder The course will include everything from getting you set up with current account wallets as well as savings wallets, how to move coins around the space, how to take profits, how to remain calm throughout the highs and lows, how to enter and leave the space, and how to map out a very basic strategy. On top of this there will also be one 'live' scheduled coaching call + one live teaching call with me every week for you to ask any questions you may have or to simply gather the support you need. This course is not just about learning, earning and inspiring the world to change, it is also about making beautiful new connections. Everyone in the program will be part of a supportive private community within which you can share successes, inspiration, support and friendship. With the knowledge and structure that you will gain throughout this course you can leave with deeper crypto knowledge and know-how.

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