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  • Full Moon Ceremony

    The perfect time to come together and to be held within this 'sanctuary' and celebration of the full moon.


    These ceremonies will continue each month throughout the year and with each month and each moon we will pay special attention to the differing energies as the moon moves through each sign. 

    **Join from 20:00 - 21:00 (GMT)**

    [£5 per session]

    Thursday 28 January (Leo)

    Saturday 27 February (Virgo)

    Sunday 28 March (Libra)

    Tuesday 27 April (Scorpio)

    Wednesday 26 May (Sagittarius)


    People have, for millenia, gathered under the light of the full moon for ritual, prayer, manifestation and gratitude. 


    We want to create something similar, a way to come together in community, offered as a sanctuary for deep cleansing and connection.


    Through a variety of practises from meditation and prayer to sound we will lead a ceremony to bring you into relaxation and openess to the energies of the moon.


    We will weave in threads of tarot and astrology to lay some context over what we are experiencing, and how to work with it.

    To be a part of this ceremonial sanctuary follow the link below to book.

    (This event will take place online via zoom)

    **please note if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant please contact us before booking

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  • 'Tea & Tarot' Practical Class

    The perfect way to practice reading Tarot and build your relationship with the cards and meet our lovely small community of tarot readers and learners.

    This relaxed class runs twice per month (visit my home page to see monthly days/times)

    Take time out to sit down with a cup of tea (from the comfort of your own home), gather your cards (I will be using the Rider Waite deck) and practise reading spreads together, asking questions, reading for another person and having your own cards read.

    Be part of a lovely online Tarot community while deepening your own connection to these amazing cards.

    2021 Schedule [19:00-20:30 GMT]

     - Thursday 14 January

     - Thursday 11 February

     - Thursday 11 March

     - Thursday 15 April

     - Thursday 13 May

    To book simply follow the link below.

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  • Tarot Diploma Course (Professional)

    Do you want to read the Tarot for others' professionally or with a high level of competence and skill? If so this is the course for you. 

    The pre-requisite for this course is completion of my Tarot Course for Beginners (or another beginners course) or an ability to show a good level of confidence in reading and knowledge of the Tarot and the Celtic Cross Spread.

    If you are not quite at the required level you can enhance your practise and skill with private mentorship sessions with me and you will find my monthly 'Tea & Tarot' practical sessions incredibly useful.

    Upon completion you will receive a professional diploma qualification in Tarot Reading which will allow you to go on to professionally read for others' and apply for professional insurance (details will all be contained within the course)

    This course will be online.

    The course will include a 1.5hr class plus a 1.5hr verbal examination (with feedback). The final coursework to be submitted will be two written client readings, a recorded client reading and a written statement.

    If you require more support before being awarded the Diploma the first 45mins of mentorship will be free and then subsequent mentorship requirements will be charged at £35 per hour. If you are unsure whether you are at the level to take the course you can book in a free 10min conversation with me (e-mail or book in an hours mentorship (visit my bookings page). 

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    Course length

    3hrs + Home Study

  • Capricorn & The Devil Online Class

    This is the first class in a new series.


    In this course series I have teamed up with professional astrologer and dreamer Amanda Simon to work with the cycles of the year by tracking the suns movement through the zodiac and through the seasons of our life.   

    Each month we will explore and dream with the zodiacal sign and associated tarot card from the Major Arcana - giving foundations and learning to those from each discipline. We will also be working with the energetic feelings of each month and tailoring our discussions around the seasonal changes that arise both in the outer world and in our inner world.

    Capricorn and the Devil - what is their relationship, how do they relate to the energies of January, what can we discover about them from exploring the myths, how can we apply their messages and meanings to the wider context of life and how can we come into relationship with them in our own lives - learning to work with, explore and embrace them. 

    We will also be offering practical advice on how to read the sign and the card in charts and spreads.


    You can attend each class individually or sign up for the whole 12 month course.

    January begins with dreaming around Capricorn (astrology) and The Devil (tarot).


    For more information or to sign up to the full course visit

    Or to just book the individual class click the link below.

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    1.5 hrs

  • Tarot Course for Beginners (Online)

    Tarot Course for complete beginners or those who wish to consolidate all their learning into a concise framework of study. This course focuses heavily on practice - which I believe is the key to becoming a confident Tarot Reader.

    The course is built around the understanding of the Major and Minor Arcana's, with lots of background and practise while always attuning your intuition to help you work with the cards and become sensitive to their messages and meanings. 

    You will build up a base of understanding which will allow you, by the end, to confidently read for yourself, and your friends and family. You will also discover how the cards will become a great support to you not only for this time, but for the rest of your life.

    I also highly recommend joining my monthly 'Tea & Tarot' practical sessions to enhance your practise during the course period.

    The course is quite intensive, running over just 8 weeks with a 2hr class per week for 7 weeks, then a 1hr class in week 8 and a further 1hr private mentorship session with me completes the course.

    Maximum number of students per course is just 6 and places fill up fast. So if you would like to join then do make sure to book in with plenty of time.


    Please enquire about future courses by e-mailing me

    Course Price


    Course length

    16hrs over 8 weeks

  • 14 Day Magic & Meditation Course (Online)

    Using mediation and a range of magical tools such as runes, Tarot, prayers, ritual and healing spells this 14 day course will be like no other. It is a chance to deepen your connection to the unseen and to your own powers, to create and establish a daily ritual practice to keep  you centred, present and well, and to encourage you to venture deeper into the learning of magical tools and meditation techniques.


    Each day I will send you an hour of 'practice' for you to do at a time in the day that suits you. Included in this will be a theme of the day, a section of reading for you to meditate on, a recorded meditation, and a magical practise for you to explore/engage with. For this magical practise I will send you a prayer or spell with instructions or I will pick a rune or tarot card for you for that day.


    Each Sunday we will then all come together as a group to discuss anything we found which came up during the week, to sit in meditation together, to receive reiki and to give our prayers. 

    If this is a course that you would like to join simply click on 'Book Now' which will link you to my e-mail. Just let me know that you're interested and I will get you all booked in.

    The next course date is planned for March 2021.

    The pre-recorded daily sessions and all the materials you will need will be released each day at 8am (UK) in a private Facebook Group (and by E-mail) and any personalised selections of e.g runes or cards I will forward to you beforehand.

    The Sunday 'live' groups will run for 1.5hrs from 19:30-21:00 (UK)


    The course cost is below. If you would like to register your interest in joining please click on the link below to send an e-mail. Once I have gathered all the names of those interested I will send out a list of proposed dates with a prospective start date of the beginning of March 2021. 


    Class Price


    Class length

    14 days

  • Tarot Course for Beginners (Video Series)

    Learn the Tarot through the recordings of my full Tarot Course for Beginners (with over 15hrs of classes), plus 3 additional hours of additional class content, plus monthly access to my Tea & Tarot sessions (a chance to practice and ask questions), and finally supplement your learning with 3hrs of private mentorship with me over the year,

    The course itself includes 15hrs of video material - which works through all the cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, teaching you how to read, and gaining valuable insight by listening to others' practising during previously recorded courses. 

    This course is ideal for those who want to learn the Tarot in bitesize pieces and over the course of a year in which each class can be watched in ones' own time.

    Course Price


    Course length

    12 Months

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