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Online Guidance Counselling


Intuitive Counselling for whole-self healing and well-being.

Counselling is perfect if you are going through a challenging time, need some advice/guidance, or to regularly 'check in' to maintain a healthy mindset and encourage holistic wellbeing. 


I am here for you no matter your questions, needs, worries, pains, or trauma. You will be held, seen, nurtured and supported through emotional, spiritual, mental and even physical healing.

The intuitive nature of these sessions can open the way for unseen aspects of any challenge to make itself known and I can support you through the tools that may provide most value including talking, meditation, tarot and shamanic healing practices.


If you are unsure what you need/are looking for, this session is the all-round one to book.

Committed to investing in your healing?

Select my
Coaching Package

choose between 3 or 6 months 

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