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Do you want to be part of my natural sleep-healing beta (trial) program to support with releasing your night terrors, nightmares and/or sleepwalking so you can finally sleep soundly...

Mindset Techniques

Sound-sleep mindfulness and meditation exercises to do before bed


Editing Beliefs

Sound-sleep counselling support and intuitive guidance


Dream Journal Prompts

Sleep and situation reflections 


Natural Healing Bundle

A sound-sleep natural medicine package


Energy Healing

Distance energy healing to promote sound-sleep

You have no idea how much I want this for you. 

No longer suffering from night terrors has changed my life


  • I'm far less tired

  • I'm not worried about what is around me when I sleep, or who I will disturb

  • My relationship is happier now that my partner is no longer anxious about me hurting myself

  • I know myself (and my fears) more through listening to my dreams

Add your name to the list

Your name is on the list
Add me to the list

This is me..

My name is Tansy Baigent, 

And I am a trauma-informed Intuitive Guidance Counsellor/Coach, specialising in self-empowerment, shamanic healing, meditation and tarot.

My interest in supporting others' with night terrors, nightmares, and sleep walking comes from my own experience of years of suffering the consequences without finding a solution.

I have now found a solution, and I desperately want to share it with others'

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