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Patreon is a wonderful website which allows creators and healers to offer benefits and exclusive content to people who choose to become patrons.

There are several different tiers, starting from just $2. An outline of these benefits are below.

My greatest wish is that through my work I can help guide you into dreamscapes of serenity, empower you with truths from the realm of dreams, awaken your intuition, and help align you to your beautiful loving essence so that you can feel able to progress toward your true goals; bringing deep happiness and gratitude into your life.

Each patron to my work receives a wealth of tools and support with priced tiers to allow you to go as deep as you wish in exploration into meditation and beyond, and to connect with other like-minded souls (particularly if you join my super exclusive monthly 'sacred circle' calls).

Your support is invaluable, it allows me to continue to put my healing work first and to support you on your life's journey; for this I am truly grateful..