Catch Your Breath

Do you need a moment to catch your breath?

There is such a considerable pressure for everyone to be productive, to be (almost competitively) creative, to ‘use’ this time 'effectively'... and although these things can help us to navigate the change and we may feel inspired by 'free' time that many of us have craved, we have to be cautious.. it all feeds into the societal models that have pushed us harder and faster.. and have lead to a severing of our connection to ourselves..has desensitised us to the 'feel' of the cosmos & to the voice of our own higher selves.

The World is being closed down by a virus which targets the lungs.. and in that we can see a theme.. a theme to slow down, to give value to e.a.c.h breath, to give value to the breath of existence.

If we look closer perhaps we are being asked to have a more soulful reverence for our existence, for our experience, for life itself.

Perhaps we are being asked to grow quiet so that we can listen. To slow down so we can see. To pay attention so we can smell, taste, feel.

Perhaps we are being asked to go within.. to learn to truly nurture & nourish ourselves, to be able to learn truly nurture & nourish others’, so we can learn to truly nurture & nourish our world 🙏


Catch your breath - it's the most valuable thing we have

With all my deepest blessings x

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