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What does challenge ask of us? What does it seek?

This is undoubtedly an extraordinary time for us all. A challenging time of uncertainty.

But then, when have we ever had certainty?

What have we lost, found, suffered, enjoyed that was expected?

How much of our life could have we predicted?

So if we take uncertainty as our premise for life how do we then choose to live?

Will we need to respond to every moment, every change, every opportunity?

In a word, yes.

But how we respond is our choice

We can respond in worry for the future, with concerns about what the future will bring or we can plan for a potential direction, but let fo of all attachment to the outcome, we might have no foresight at all of what could be about to emerge to change all that we might thought we wanted.

And when we let go of expectation, we let go of attachment to outcome, we let go of our fears and our worries.

With one eye on the past and another on the future, we keep out heart in the present. Keeping our heart in the actual experience of life.

But when life gives us lemons how do we respond to life’s ebbs and flows, the intricacies of flow and falter?

In this episode of my podcast (THIS WYRD WORLD) I ask Jo Gambi for her answer.

And when you listen to the challenges she has faced time and time again you can discover that when faced with adversity of mind, body, spirit and soul there is always something that can bring you back into the present; can bring you back into peace; can bring you back into power.

And for Jo that is love.

So what does challenge ask of us?

What does it seek?

It seeks our attention, it seeks our response, and through all that it seeks our growth our experience and our love.

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In this episode I speak with author, mountaineer, physiotherapist and mum to three, Jo Gambi, about the challenges she has faced throughout her life, how she has coped with such extraordinarily hard circumstances,  and of course the moment she stood at the top of Everest (with her husbands hand in one hand, and her pink frisbee in the other!)

Jo was already an experienced rock climber when she met Rob, an Australian with a fear of heights who had never climbed before. They married in 1996 but in 2000 their world fell apart when Rob was diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

Determined to live life to the full, after 18 months of intensive cancer treatment  Jo and Rob decided to take on the greatest challenge of all, to climb Everest.

From there they inadvertently set a string of records. 

Jo has written about their adventures in her inspirational book Holding On, and as a speaker is passionate about encouraging, challenging and empowering her audiences

Rob and Jo have three children; Ben, Sam and Jasmine. Sam was born with a rare complex neuro-behavioural disorder called Prader Willi Syndrome.

Jo is truly an inspiration to talk to as her approach is always one of energy, vitality, love, life and Spirit.

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With love and wyrd blessings x

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