Do you suffer from back pain?

Do you suffer from back pain?

When we try to put something behind us, wishing to forget experiences or events that have deeply affected us, we can hold this pain in our backs. For rather than ‘putting it behind us’ it is better to recognise that it happened, to accept it, to forgive and to withdraw our emotions from it; releasing it.

If it is lower back pain, this can be the result of needing or wanting more support, and perhaps there is resentment from having to do everything yourself? If this is true can you find where the resentment comes from? Can you find a way to let it go? To forgive, to accept, to surrender, to love?

And can we recognise in ourselves our limitations, and know when to ask another for help?

When we carry the weight of the World upon us, it is our shoulders and back that carry the burden, and often the weight we place cannot be sustained. So how can you lighten your load?

Can you resolve to release resentment - recognising not just your strength but your love. Your love of yourself, of what you can carry, and what you can’t. Is the resentment, the stress or worry worth the pain it may be causing?

When we work with Shamanic healing our bodies are a reflection of our thoughts and our beliefs and emotions, and so, where these are suppressed or disturbed, they can cause imbalances, which over time can lead to more serious conditions, illnesses or pain.

By practising spending time with our pain or conditions and listening to them, speaking with them, and seeking to discover what they are wanting to show us - for pain is a strong communication from the body that something is needing to be given attention - we may begin to discover what lies at the heart of the pain, what belief is feeding the pain, and over time it can begin to be transmuted. When we recognise that pain is not happening ‘to’ us but is coming from ‘within’ us - we know that we are being asked to listen.

And if we can delve in deep and access this root cause of the pain (often created by trauma - not just physical but emotional), can witness it and accept it, there is a possibility of beginning the journey of alleviation.

To see this working in practise we can see that just like the effects of negative psychosomatic conditions (such as ulcers, migraines, gastrointestinal disturbances) if we change our perspective, believe in our ability to self-heal we can equally gain significant effects from positive psychosomatic focus (placebos are testament to this).

For all of these processes there must be an acceptance of the pain or illness, the desire to want to change it, and the true belief in your ability to transform it.

If you are suffering from any pain, blockage or illness and would like to book in a Shamanic healing session* ('Holistic Counselling') with me in order to learn and practise how to listen to your pain through counselling, meditation, reiki and other holistic techniques then do contact me at or book through my website:

I am a trained Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Meditation Guide and Holistic Counsellor.

*please note that these sessions are done online however if you would like to book 'in-person' these are only possible in Devon, UK from March 2021.

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