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Feeling Stuck: Tarot Advice

A little Sunday offering for you - the themes of which may well extend into the next few days/weeks.

Two cards for today plucked after a morning of meditation to offer some guidance for this time.

Immediate thoughts may be of darkness or hardship - and perhaps that is there - but it doesn’t mean there is anything to fear. In fact quite the contrary.

Any feelings of uncertainty, stagnation or a feeling of ‘coming undone’ is simply a response to the energies around us that are creating change. And change of any kind can be hard, and until the realignment is complete we can feel in limbo, in a time that feels perilous as ‘where am I going’/‘what am I doing’ are questions that just aren’t being answered..

And the test - can we simply ‘be’ with this? ‘Being’ without ‘knowing’. Can we close our eyes, pause, and invite in the change.

It is the moment before death/rebirth.

It is also a time of having pockets emptied as we hang upside down, swaying in the whims of the breeze.

This is The Hanged Man.

And he holds a secret.. through the hanging, the emptying and the uncertainty there is an invitation for peace.. deep reverent peace and through this peace, a change of perspective.. and through that change there is an awakening.

The invitation is to see things from a different angle, to flip the perspective, to rest in the stillness, and to find peace in the present & the futuristic unknowings.

And here we come to the Hierophant. The great teacher, a clear channel to Spirit and the keeper of the keys to hidden knowledge, and the keeper of the keys to the Underworld. What this can offer to us is that through facing our fears - and asking - ‘what am I afraid of?’ We can face the darkness rather than hiding from it. We can seek spiritual guidance from those who have devoted their lives to lighting the way toward growth.

The Hierophant reminds us of the great and inspiring voices in the World, of the silence needed to listen to the truth of our souls & the stillness needed to create space for that stillness.

Thank goodness then for this Hanged Man moment..


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Sending much love to you all x

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