Finding Peace

We are so often rushing. Rushing to get from one place to another. Rushing to buy food. To make food. To eat food. We rush to go to sleep and rush as soon as we wake up.

We fill our lives with so much activity that when it comes to being still, we don't know how to do it. But its' in stillness that we will find peace. That we will find healing. That we will find our sanctuary.

It's not about maintaining an exhausting, hurried lifestyle before rushing off to a retreat or spa to 'relax', then jumping back into the pace of life that wore us out in the first place.

It is about moments. Simple moments. Moments of quietness, of peace, of solitude.

Start by putting space into your diary. Whether you have a full time job, are a full time mum, part time mum, or part time worker with a million other things to do, the first step is to treat your weekly meditation as a scheduled part of your working week. It can not be changed or dismissed.

Your mind, your body, your soul... they need this time.

So place a period of 30-45 mins into your diary, beginning with just once a week, shorter than this and we can feel hurried.

Plan to be somewhere quiet; a park, a spare room, a bathroom, a friends' house.. Anywhere that you can ensure 45 minutes of quiet and privacy.

To start spend 5 minutes writing down on a sheet of paper anything you think you might forget or things that are worrying you. Set an alarm for 30 minutes. Make sure you are warm and comfortable.

Before you begin put on some headphones with some relaxing meditation music [I recommend Liquid Mind) and either sit or lie down whilst ensuring your head, neck and body are aligned, these can be loose and relaxed but try to make sure you're spine is straight.

Now you can either listen to one of my pre-recorded guided meditations (head to the 'Meditations' section of my website) or follow and familiarise yourself with the following script.

Begin by noticing the breath.

Focus on just breathing in and breathing out. Drawing in the breath longer and slower with each inhale, and expelling the breath long - reminding yourself that this is your time to relax and restore.

When you are beginning to feel calm draw a long deep inhale of air through your nose and release it with a sigh. Repeat until you feel yourself beginning to completely let go of tension.

Continue with a natural slow rhythm; drawing the breath deep down into your chest and stomach, and exhaling long through your nose, expelling all tension and worry.

Imagine a warmth now spreading down from the top of your head down into your body, filling you with a warming, calming heaviness. Allow your forehead to soften and relax, feel the warmth spreading into your eyes and eyelids, feeling these heavy and relaxed. Let you cheeks, nose, and the bit between you nose and mouth all relax down. Feel the heaviness soften your jaw and let your mouth fall open, relaxed.

Imagine the warmth spreading down through your neck, massaging and warming all your tired muscles in your neck and down into your shoulders. Feel the warmth spreading down through your arms, across your elbows, and releasing and relaxing your forearms, your hands and each of your fingers. Take your time to feel each finger grow heavy, soften and fall still. Relaxed.

The warmth spreads down into your chest, breath in deep relaxation, feel the warmth nourishing and warming your heart and clearing and cleaning your lungs. Continue breathing deeply, filling your lungs with healing air.

Feel the warmth spread down into your stomach softening and cleansing all your internal organs, and follow the warmth down into your hips and pelvis, down through your groin and into your thighs. Relaxing and releasing these strong muscles, letting them sink down. Heavy.

Feel the spread of relaxation sink down through your knees and the backs of your knees, down through your calfs to your ankles, through your feet and into your toes. Releasing and relaxing.

Your whole body is heavy and relaxed. Breathe deeply.

Feeling effortless and without any. tension. at. all.

Let go of your body and allow your awareness to drift into the clouds.

Soft clouds of white in a rich blue sky. Feel the clouds, soft and heavy against you. Feel their soft embrace. Let your mind drift effortlessly from one cloud to another. Nothing can reach you here.

If thoughts come pay them no attention, letting them slip past. And as your mind is in the clouds and your body is safe and secure where you left it, allow any last attention to gently focus on your breathing. A slow and steady in and out. In and out. In. Out. In. Out.....

Feel nurtured, relaxed and rested.

 And when you are ready gently bring your awareness back to the space your'e in. Listen for the sounds around you, feel the air against your skin. Deepen your breathing and use it as a guide back to your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes. And in your own time open your eyes, feeling refreshed, radiant and relaxed.

With love and light x

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