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Living in the Present

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Life exists in the moment you are experiencing right now.

Living in the present is a way of removing your attention from the past and removing your attention from the future.

Allowing you to 'be' right here, right now. To bring your attention to 'this' moment.

[Photo Credit: Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash]

.. So how to do it?

I've found that a good way to do it, is to sit still and silently (even for just 5 mins) and to imagine that streaming out to your left is your past.. like a path stretching far out into the distance.

..Now imagine a wind blowing strongly past you (on your left side), blowing away the path and obscuring the view completely, keep that wind gently blowing.

On your right side see the path to the future, a long meandering path stretching into the distance. Again, imagine a strong wind blowing across your right side, blowing away all sight of the future.

As you sit here, with strong winds blowing past you on both sides..

Nothing exists before this moment, nothing exists after.

Now look at what is left. Look at what is straight infront of you...

Your phone or computer screen, Facebook, look to the side.. where are you? What do you see?

A window? Is it dirty or clean (observe without judgement)?

Is there a plant or nature anywhere? Witness it, knowing that it is not just alive, but growing and experiencing each day.

If you can, try closing your eyes. How does that feel? Do you feel tired, alert, worried?

How does your body feel? Achey, comfortable, tense?

Notice what you are experiencing in this moment. Any sounds around you, any smells, any tastes...

When you reopen your eyes simply observe the world around you without thought, without judgement. Just a quiet awareness of the world.

Welcome to the present...


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