My Journey to the Tarot

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

What is it that we think or feel when presented with a tool we don’t know how to use? Ambivalence, intrigue, fear, caution, excitement?

Tarot cards, like any other tool that help and support our lives, requires a deeper understanding.

They require a willingness and keenness to learn, to be open, to be responsive, to grow.

Like picking up a power tool, pencil or pen we don’t need to know where the electricity, lead or ink comes from in order to use them. We simply need to know how to use them. This is true for the Tarot; and once we know (or having someone who can help us know) the help offered is one of clarity, insight and understanding.

But why Tarot?

Tarot cards are part of an ancient practice of card-reading/divination; used for millennia to help guide and support individuals in navigating them towards their true path or purpose, and to help inform or to advise. Examples of their use can be found in the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Despite facing changes over time and with multiple decks now available, each are filled with such specific and detailed symbolism to incite deep intuition in the reader, allowing the visible imagery to determine meaning, with their interpretation then applied to each individual reading and the great nuances of life and it’s many lessons.

So why me?

The Tarot however remained a mystery to me, my father had always had a deck in his study and I use to look intently at the card that he had chosen for that day or week and yet he told me little about them. He gave me a deck when I was six, however in his way of learning through experience it was one that required painting, a test I think now to whether I was truly prepared to learn. And so for years I had them and used to look through them but never had the impetus to colour them and so remained blind to there meanings. That was until one day in my early teens they found me once more.

While at my boarding school, having just turned fourteen, I was walking down the main corridor, as I always did, on my way from the tea room to the study, and an older mature student who I hardly knew suddenly stopped me as I passed. He looked at me intently before handing me an object. I looked down and in my palm was the Rider Waite deck of Tarot cards.

Thinking back it was a really beautiful re-introduction. There’s something rich and meaningful about the fact that the Tarot came to me again just over 7 years later. However at that time with their full capabilities in my hands I was in fact a little fearful of them, since I still knew so little and people around me viewed them in a dark light.

But I held onto them, looking more closely at the imagery, trying to understand the meaning held within the pictures. To deepen my understanding I finally reached out to my father and within a few months I received in the post a book from him on interpretations and so, I began to learn.

The full consolidation of all this learning then came at three distinct points, the first was their intimate daily use when I lived in a tipi when I was twenty-one, the second was attending a course to deepen my intuitive connection to the cards, and the final stage was gaining a Diploma in Tarot reading when I turned twenty six. I knew at this stage that the Tarot were always going to influence my life in ways I couldn’t communicate or quite understand. What I did come to know was that these cards are filled with such wisdom, healing and beauty that I never have an ounce of fear; I only ever use them with love.

My World has truly been touched by these cards. And when I hold them in my hands, the energy throughout my body shifts and I feel them speaking to me like knowing a different language.

It is then with so much joy, warmth and a desire to help, heal and nurture that I read them for others’. In order to share this gift that has so influenced my life.

Like anything you must trust the hand of the wielder, for a tool in the hands of a skilled worker can create magic and it’s the magic that will help to change your life.

The role of the Tarot and the Reader is not to dictate, but to advise; not to determine but to empower. You are at the helm of your lifes’ ship, any decision to act remains, always, in your hands.

If you would like to learn more about the Tarot or to book a reading with me just send a quick e-mail to

With love and light x

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