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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Celebrate Samhain with fire, feasts and inner focus.

Tonight the great majority of the Christian World will celebrate Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, a Christian fear-mongering of the spirit world. But in the Celtic tradition this is Samhain (pronounced sow-ein) and in their calendar, this evening marks the end of their year. It is a time when summer ends and winter begins, the nights close in and darkness is the presiding force.

At this time the veil between the seen and unseen worlds grows thin. A time when ancestors and all passed souls are only separated by the finest divide. With deep reverence and wisdom we can dream, vision, and communicate with spirits & guides, and if we do desire transcend the structures of the waking world and walk amongst the starry lights of souls that have long since passed.

Samhain is a time for deep inner reflection, of hibernation and solitude. Slowing and growing silent in reflection of the gentle cycles of this season.

For the Celts darkness was as important as light. It was embraced and appreciated alongside all parts of life. Darkness and death were not feared, but revered. Seen as transformation, regeneration, and completion.

In these winter months draw your energy in, focus on stoking your inner fire. Fill yourself with joy and love & let the light of your soul shine bright.

To celebrate:

- Light candles - Sit in meditation - Read the tarot or other divining tools - Try scrying with a crystal ball or bowl of water - Place small offerings into a fire (sticks & dried flowers or sage bound with ribbon) – state an intention to welcome the darkness, an appreciation of the harvest and give thanks for the year that’s past. - Read from myth and reflect on ancestral stories - Make a thick vegetable soup in a large pot or cauldron and as you stir whisper your deepest intentions for the coming year and give great thanks to the food.

Happy celebrations to you all x

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