Are you feeling the need for change?

We get up, go to work and do what must be done. We fulfil our tasks dutifully, putting our time into carving out money, security, progress. Our heads are down, our hands are working, the work must be done. From the outside we are carrying on as 'normal'.

But inside, it is a different story.

Inside nothing feels normal, nothing feels easy or peaceful.. inside we are burning, we are battling, we are wanting 'out'.

Something has changed. What gave us satisfaction or a sense of purpose is loosing its sparkle, and we can be left feeling like an imposter. Fulfilling the role but no longer in our power.

For inside we are dreamers. Dreamers, not that place our sights on what we want to accomplish, but dreamers who simply want to dream.. to lift our heads into the clouds, for the cobwebs and the clutter to be blown away.. and to be free.

Perhaps we simply need to rebalance. To stand our ground and give ourselves space. Space to reflect, space to dream, space to remember that we are not machines, but emotional, sensitive, creative beings that need an outlet for it all. An outlet through creativity, through meditation, through creating balance in your life by recognising your needs are valuable and need to be nurtured.

Or maybe it is something deeper and we are being forced to reassess our lives - we are in a dragon hole after all (the space between two eclipses) and Eclipses, they change the story.

So imagine for a moment that you are standing infront of a mirror

A mirror in which we can see ourselves in all our forms, in full clarity of our needs, the path we've walked, our truest dreams and desires, as well as our deepest fears... For at this moment with the Sun in Sagittarius we are seeking journeys, distance from that which no longer serves us and yet the moon is in Scorpio which reminds us of the pain and the worries we carry .. and it reminds us by bringing it to the surface.

In order to move forward we must venture inside ourselves and witness our truth. Witness it without judgement.

Its time to ask yourself "what do I truly need?" "What do I truly want?" "Where do I feel that I have failed?" and "If I change my path what or who is it that I fear?" Perhaps there maybe someone you think you'll disappoint? This is the time to assess what life you have created. What story you are living. And all you are being asked to do is to sit with it and to reflect on whether this path is what you want for your future. Or do you want something different? Do you want something to change?

You are changing and perhaps it is all happening far quicker than you would like. But in this change there is much-needed and pivotal growth that will allow you to make choices better aligned with your truth, which can bring you closer to the life you want to live.

Don't fear the transition, don't suffer needlessly. If change is happening resistance will do little to appease it. And so we must welcome it with open arms and to open the gate and step into a new future. And, when we act form our heart, with care and consideration, and informed by the truth we know inside, we will not regret the choices we make. If big change is happening then the smoothest response is to accept it and to move through it as joyfully as possible, knowing it won't always be easy, but it is redefining your journey and your experience of this life.

Every great story is a journey that takes us to the highest highs and the lowest lows. But when we have traversed this life, and look back at the mountains of our experiences, we know it was worth every step.

And, what's more.. you do not have to do this alone. The best healers, counsellors and coaches are guides to those mountains - they have walked endless miles in the darkness, have experienced the very depths of the troughs, have undertaken the many trials and tribulations, have faced the gate time and time again and have found a way through.. and we are here to help you..

If you would like to book a reading to go deeper into these themes, or simply have the opportunity to talk about what you are moving through and how best to navigate these times then do contact me: or visit my website: to book.

On the 30th of December 2020 I am a collaborator in organising a Full Moon Event to pay tribute to all that has come before and to welcome in (an integrate) the new. This event will include meditation, sound healing, prayer and insight into the Astrology affecting us and the Tarot to offer guidance. If you would like to book please visit:

With all my deepest blessings x

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