Tarot for your Soul: Following your Heart

Cards for the soul.

A spread of our strengths, our weaknesses, our work and our path.

We are living through a profound time of change and through the Tarot we can discover what we can do to live in alignment with our path and our purpose.

So the spread begins with our situation. Judgement. Signifying a need to be both careful and aware of judgements, both of ourselves and of others’. We are experiencing a time of deep transformation and renewal, a blank start and a resurrection.

We are finding ourselves being stripped bare of old stories, old patterns, old passions.. and the honest truth is that it's hard. We are being shown what we need to let go, but it's not easy to release the pains of the past, to release those roles we’ve worked so hard to attain, to abandon dreams we so thought we wanted.. and we can feel like we have been left bare.

But if we can surrender and trust our hearts (what is it our heart truly wants?), to realise our infinite potential, to understand the true miracle of our existence we allow ourselves to be pulled into the flow of the Universe, pulled back onto our Path.

And when we see that we cannot control everything and even if we could we would shut ourselves off from luck, from opportunity, from miracles, from fortuitousness, from new friendships, from magic, from true love. All there is to truly know is that the most beautiful things emerge when we stop trying to control our path .. for where is it that we are trying to get to? Do we know? More often we are simply in our own way, trying to control when we haven't yet truly seen what it is we want, as we haven't yet seen who we really are. Know Thyself as the age old idiom states.

And so in order to truly find ‘your purpose’ or ‘your path’ in mind and in heart, we must draw our awareness to all aspects of our life and ask ourselves does this make me happy? Does this feel in keeping with my sense of purpose? Am I doing this out of fear or out of love?

And so with our calling being heralded, what are our strengths and what are our weaknesses?

Our strengths come in the form of The Hermit, our weaknesses in the form of Death.

To look at these cards we need to truly contemplate how we feel about change. And our relationship to change is capable of empowering or disempowering us and we have the choice of how we respond.

So ask yourself do you fear change? Do you fear the unknown? Do you fear letting things go?

The Hermit as our strength shows us our resilience, our ability to look within for the answers. That everything we need to know is held within us. It shows us we are not afraid of solitude when we know that we are not alone, it shows us we are not afraid of withdrawing in order to truly reflect on our needs. However Death shows us that unforeseen, dramatic and firm/final change is something we all struggle with. That that which comes from outside of ourselves is much more difficult to cope with than that change that emerges from within.

Change, uncertainty, loss, the unknown.. it feels like a death, and it is, yet we need the death in order to make way for the new. We can only resurrect renewed and ready to rise into our power and purpose if we have lived through the full release and acceptance of Death. The process is not easy. It is our weakness, and it is the area currently being tested in us all.

So what is our work? For this we have The Tower.

And so our work is to break down our old patterns of beliefs, old stories, old struggles, old structures. Our work is to let go of the old and the outdated. It is to break free from the orderly containments of our lives. To accept and surrender to the process of deconstruction of who we were, of what we wanted, of what we held to be valuable. Our work is to topple the towers we have built around us. Which means breaking the very things we have been focussing on and building.. perhaps for a long time. But life is short and if the tower never crumbles, we will never witness the beauty of what lies beyond those walls.. the starry heavens above, the great horizons around us, the passion and power of the human soul.

And so what is our path or process toward achieving this work of deconstruction?

The path is Justice. It is trust, it is balance, it is asking us to focus on what is needed, beyond simply what we want. Justice creates balance, it is the harmonising force of the universe. With direct and sharp precision it slices away all that no longer serves you. And so we must be ruthless in our own lives, that by listening to our truth and deep inner knowing we can assess what we need to do to move foreward and what doesn’t fit within this focus, whatever exists in your life that does not fill you up with heart needs to be cut away (projects, work, accommodation, old lovers). If it doesn’t fit with your purpose, it does not fit in your life. This is not a time to be emotive, that respect can be paid to all the lessons, all the work, all the past loving.. but now it must be released.

And so the advice, how can we navigate this as smoothly as is possible?

For this we have Temperance. Temperance is a card depicting an angel, she signifies finding peace in truth, in balance, in faith. That meditation, yoga, contemplation of the divine, connection with our inner guides… this will ease the transition, will temper the experience of pain associated with loss, separation and change. It is caution against compulsive or emotionally-suppressing behaviours such as overeating, drinking, smoking etc. That in being still and seeking our connection to ‘source’ and our purpose above all, allows us to let go of what no longer serves us with peace, with honour, with acceptance.

So when you’re feeling overwhelmed or feeling down put on your favourite music, read a book, listen to an inspiring podcast or guided meditation or short affirmation meditation and b.r.e.a.t.h.e… find your centre. Listen to your heart. Feel the flow of energy in and around you. And reconnect, remembering you are always supported, you are always being held, that you are alone is simply an illusion. You have never and will never be alone.

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With light and blessings x

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