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The Star in You

As the sun enters Aquarius we leave behind The Devil and move into the beauty of The Star.

What do you feel when you look upon the night sky?

Does your mind expand with the possibilities.. or contract with the vulnerability?

By simply connecting to our own feelings we touch on the essence of The Star.

Linked to Aquarius, The Star encompasses the feelings and narratives of expansion, expression, beauty, hope, light, possibility.

Yet, as always, there is a more challenging aspect to the card, and for The Star, in her nakedness and her isolation there could be feelings of loneliness or vulnerability, in the latter we could find the stirrings of a lack of personal faith, a lack of self esteem or a lack of hope.

However, unlike the Devil these fears are not controlling her, they are there to show what she is not accepting about herself. And helping her to find a way to love all that she is; so as not to deny or dismiss a part of herself, but to lovingly hold and accept.

Through our ability to feel deeply for ourselves and others’, and to express empathy and nurture we can find that those worries dissipate. That when the ego is softened and we are not staring at our still reflection but pouring the waters of love and creativity and acceptance upon ourselves and others’ we only notice our true presence and the depths of our love. This is not to forget ourselves, but rather to release our fears as we embody the nature of who we are, as we accept unconditionally who we are... and we allow the light within us to radiate out.

As The Star so beautifully depicts in imagery your beauty shines.

We exist of Earth and Heaven. By valuing and appreciating ourselves, we value and appreciate the universe. And when we see the beauty ‘out there’ it is impossible, then, not to see the beauty ‘in here’; in you.

Believe in the Star that you are.

The Hermetic axiom: as above, so below reminds us that we are a part of the stars and the stars are a part of us. That these myths are not simply stories to entertain they are there to help guide us by recounting living energies that can allow us to see beyond the material and into the metaphysical and the imaginal. And that both are real.

The star is our beacon of hope, of potential, of beauty.

Against the darkness stars shine the brightest. And in this there is the message of the power or light; that it cannot be diminished when it knows what it is… the darkness can not compete. It simply compliments. The more we recognise our beauty, our power, our magic - the more we are untouched by the darkness.

The Star reminds us of our light. Of the power of light in the dark. Of being a guiding light in the dark for ourselves and others’. And within The Star card the message can be seen. That to stand in your vulnerability, with compassion, with confidence and without ego we can realise that there is nothing we need to be doing. No expectations. Just the space and time to feed our creativity and our heart and to nurture our world and the World around us.

What you give out will come back to you. If you shine, the world shines with you.

Tansy has been involved in healing and holistic therapies for over ten years, and has been meditating and card reading since she was a child. It is her greatest desire to be a healing guide for others' and to show the profound richness of meditation and cards in helping us all to bring greater balance, harmony, clarity and joy to our lives.

Tansy's offerings include meditation teaching, holistic counselling, spiritual guidance, reiki and tarot card reading (& mentorship)

You can find Tansy at

Or follow her on Instagram at tansy_alexandra

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