Join one or both of my guided meditation sessions and allow yourself to let go, to drift into peace, to noursih and relax your body and mind.


Meditation is not only deeply relaxing and restful, it is also incredibly healing and can be a beautiful, safe channel to deep inner wisdom, guidance and support.


The session will be done lying down (however you are more than welcome to sit up). I do recommend propping yourself up or not lying in bed if you have a tendency to fall asleep.


I will then guide you into relaxation. Once relaxed it's time to go on a journey either deep into the body/heart or out into the cosmos or unique peaceful place.


I will leave you for a time in this meditation space for you to allow the experience to grow, develop, deepen.


Prior meditation practise is not essential however it's important to recognise that it is in letting go that we can descend the deepest - sometimes dropping into a space where we are 'nowhere' - a complete break from all touches of reality.


I ensourage you to join if you have trouble sleeping or relaxing. Have a busy mind or get pressure headaches, or are prone to anxiety or stress. The benefits build up over time so if you suffer from any of these then I do highly recommend booking both sessions.


If you wish to join one or both of these classes 


From 20:00 - 21:00 (BST)


Once you purchase the class you will recieve a zoom link to join the class 'live' online.


You will want to be in a space that is quiet and where you won't be disturbed. Make sure you have something beneath you like cushions or a yoga mat and a blanket as your body can cool down. A small pillow under the head might also be soothing as would an eye mask.


Set the space with an intention to allow yourself to let go and invite in stillness and peace. you may want to calm your mind with a little deep breathing beforehand, and possibly light a little incense or candles (though make sure these are safe throughout). 


Do not have coffee or chocolate within 2-3hrs of the class unless you are very prone to falling asleep. However a little chocolate after the class can help to ground you back into the present.


I really look forward to creating a safe space for you and guiding and 'holding' you in meditaton.


*Please note purchases made within half an hour of the start of the class will not be guaranteed admission. 

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