Book a tarot reading / tarot counselling session today to explore how to work with the challenges that may be affecting you at this time or to bring clarity, support or advice to a situation.


Tarot cards are such an extraordinary and beautiful tool in providing a reflection of where we are and what we are facing in our lives and can offer deep wisdom, insight and advice to help us regain cl clarity or empowerment in/over our lives.


My reading style is not predictive but 'reflective', so rather than divining and predicting the future I instead use intuition and guidance to offer you understanding through reflection, a mirror held up for us to see what we may have missed or to lay out any burdens or troubles in a way that makes it more easy to recognize and then to work with.


In this way you are able to see the underlying causes, the blocks, the support you have and the advice that can help you. I choose to do readings in this way so that they can enlighten, empower and inspire you - no matter what you are facing.  Challenges are a natural part of our life and our growth, but being able to navigate them with clarity and support can make facing them far smoother while feeling heard and held in the process, and this can truly help to create positive and lasting change.


Upon purchasing this reading I will contact you directly to book in a date and time.


All sessions will be held over zoom.

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