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'Book of Shadows'

Spells for Everyday Life

Below you will find all the spells given through the course. 

Create your ritual space: smudge, candles, circle of protection, pentacle.

Connect to breath and the heart. Raise hands and say:

"I pray for love and light to fill my heart and flow through all that I do.

I pledge to work from and for the highest good.

Great Goddess, may it be so."

Visualise the outcome you seek

In a Lavender Field

Sleep Spell

Bind amethyst and lavender together with purple thread (seal with tree sap or a little clear nail polish) or tie off. 

Or place both in a little pouch and tie/stitch closed.

"Calming soul of lavender, soothing spirit of amethyst

Help the body to quieten and the minds' chatter to cease.

When you're near bring to [me] deep and restful sleep.

When you're near bring to [me] deep and nourishing peace.

May it be so"

Prosperity Spell

"I open myself to abundance with humility,

I am ready to choose wealth and prosperity,

Money is an energy and I am its' magnet,

I release all thoughts that seek to block it."

Take your coin and bind it with yellow thread, seal with tree sap (or a little bit of clear nail polish)

"Wealth Grow

Money Flow

Life is Rich

May it be So"


Keep your coin safe / put on altar / put in a money box

Gold Earrings

Finder Spell

"Finder elves I call to thee

To return the item lost to me.

For all the work I know you do,

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Repeat within a week if item is not found. 

When found light a candle and live a small crystal or chocolate for the finder elves - leave it on your altar for them for 24hrs and then bury it in the garden.

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