Tarot Reading Course 
For Beginners

Learn to confidently read the Tarot for yourself and others'.


This Tarot course is perfect for complete beginners however it would also be suitable for any level for comprehensive consolidation and/or to deepen your knowledge.


This Tarot course will teach you about the cards and how to read them. It is more practical than intuitive in order to support you in reading by helping you relate the cards to one another. However I will be offering a short 'intuitive tarot' class for free for all who sign up to this course.


Through this course you will: create relationships with the cards (coming to know their many 'faces' and nuances); learn several different spreads (including the Celtic Cross); learn to read for someone else from start to finish; and you will learn to read with confidence by practising from the first class.


**Please note that this is a pre-recorded course and each class was recorded with live students. There is a lot of practice, which I think is one of the most important aspects of learning to read for others', and I would recommend pausing before each student responds so that you can practice your reading.


This is a free standing course but for all those signing up you will be able to send me recordings of tarot readings that you are doing (up to a maximum of 3) for feedback.

You will also receive 15% off my fee for private mentorship hours.


Each class recording is 2hrs (there are 7 classes in total) you will be sent two classes at a time, so simply e-mail me at tansyahealing@gmail.com when you are ready for the next two classes. There is no time limit for the course, you are free to work through it in your own time.*


At the end of the course - there will be the opportunity to apply for a Diploma in Tarot Reading to enable you to gain the qualification to become a professional Tarot Reader.


For this course you will need: A Rider Waite Tarot deck

The full cost of the course is £250. This can be paid in full or in part

(if in part each class will be made available after each payment is made).


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at: tansyahealing@gmail.com - or feel free to book me in for a free 10 min consultation if you would like to discuss your specific requirements.



*Please note this course is my personal work and any purchase is for your sole use only, any unauthorised copy or distribution will be handled  appropriately with great sadness.

Contact me to make payment, once payment has been received you will have full access to your course program with all the classes for completion in your own time and at your own pace.