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Tarot Card Deck

Your Tarot Journey Begins* Here


Join for virtual monthly gatherings
Monthly Tarot Circle
£35 per month
Enhance your intuitive connection to the cards and your readings
Monthly Tarot Workshop
Deepen your understanding and knowledge of the cards, learn spreads and practice reading for others'

Tarot Circle & Workshop

'The Tarot Circle'

Monthly VIRTUAL Tarot Circle

An hour and a half of supported practice.


Learn to tune in to your intuition, to read the tarot from your inner 'knowing' and to take time to reflect on what message the cards have for you.

I will be there to help you connect with the cards, deepen your relationship to the tarot, building a personal practice of reading the cards for yourself, and helping you to interpret cards or make sense of the messages.

'The Tarot Workshop

Monthly VIRTUAL Tarot Workshop

Two hours of tarot guidance and support to help you develop knowledge and skills to read for others'.

To include:

  • Exploring the tarot (through a combination of teaching and discussion) 

  • Practice developing and reading spreads

  • Optional breakout rooms to practice reading for others'

  • Q&A


I have been a professional Tarot card reader for over 12 years and have been teaching for the last 6 years, but I have been reading and working with the cards all of my life.

I do not teach how to read predictively (divining the future), but 'reflectively' (reflecting on the present). This enables readings which are empowering rather that predictive and enables far better material for enhancing our intuition and receiving guidance.  

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