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Tarot Reading Program
For Beginners

Learn to confidently read the Tarot for yourself and others'.


A truly unique tarot program with personal support and 1:1 mentorship to help to bring out your unique and powerful tarot reading style.


This Tarot program is perfect for complete beginners however it would also be suitable for any level for comprehensive consolidation and/or to deepen your knowledge.


This Tarot course will not only teach you about the cards and how to read them but will open a powerful

practice for personal growth and alignment, spiritual connection and mindset support (self help).

It will be a mix of practical and intuitive reading techniques in order to support you in reading for yourself and others'. 


Through this course you will: build strong relationships with the cards (coming to know their many 'faces' and nuances); learn some powerful spreads; learn to read for someone else from start to finish; and learn to read with confidence by practising from the first class, and will learn how to 'connect' to help to power your readings with soul, love and alignment.





Begins with my Introduction to Tarot (2hrs) class

which will be sent out immediately upon payment


There will then be 9 x live Monthly Classes of 2.5hrs

Plus monthly live Practice Sessions (1.5hr) for you to continue your practice

Included in the program is access to a monthly virtual Tarot Circle (1.5hr)

perfect for you to deepen your knowledge of the cards, expand your practice

and connect with others' in the wider community.

Plus access to a virtual tarot community.

**The program will also include two 45 min private mentorship sessions with Tansy**


For this course you will need: A Rider Waite Tarot deck


The full cost of the beginners' program is £1200 for the 9 month Tarot program

Enrolment is on a rolling 3 monthly basis.

In 2023 live virtual start dates are: 

- May 7th

- August 13th

- November 12th

Live (virtual) classes are every other Sunday at 4pm (London, UK)

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at: - or feel free to book me in for a free 10 min consultation if you would like to discuss your specific requirements.


The Introduction to Tarot Course: 

The Monthly Classes

The Monthly Practice

This is a comprehensive introduction to the Tarot that sets the foundational grounding for the next 6 classes in the full program series.

These monthly classes deepen your knowledge of the cards and give you a range of powerful practises and techniques to build and improve your reading style

The most important part of becoming a confident tarot reader is regular practice, alone (with support) or with others'. Without practice we lose confidence, we lose the ability to quickly bring descriptors to mind and we lose connection with telling the story of the cards out loud

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

- if there is no program listed or you want to enquire about joining a program already in session (and catch-up via recordings) please contact me:

Already know the Tarot to a good level - Contact me to apply for private mentorship or to book onto my professional Apprenticeship program

Intro to Tarot
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