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Your Soul Work Guide

Private & Collective Offerings
  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Life Coaching

  • Holistic Counselling

  • Shamanic Healing 

  • Tarot Card Reading

  • Tarot Card Reading Teacher

  • Reiki Healer (Master)

  • Guided Meditation Teaching

Hi, I'm Tansy

I am a Shamanic healer, counsellor, channel, professional tarot reader and somatic awareness coach. 


I began my journey in the environmental world, where, through the use of law, I sought to support the effort to bring positive change in how modern humans approached the natural world.

However I came to realise that it was not simply bad actions that were causing harm, but it was the lack of connection and love inside those taking those actions (including the systems and corporations).

And so my effort came to be around bringing 'heart' into 'connection' into considerations of the future and into powerful organisations.

During this time I deepened my personal connection with myself, the earth and the cosmos through training in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. It has been this that has most supported my understanding of the Universe and the ways to access and harness healing, loving and powerful energies.

All my work is grounded in authenticity, love, care, compassion, safety and the desire to help every living soul to become empowered, connected, self aware, embodied and able to access (and use) the channels of loving energy.


How I work is dynamic and deeply relational, intuitive and emotive. I am not your traditional therapist.


I seek to go deep, to support, to hold, to empower, to guide and, if desired to look beneath the veil for what is holding you back, or causing a lack of trust in your life (soul retrieval, soul-tarot reading, past life work).

My own practice of meditation and tarot card reading, as well as experiences of intuition and mediumship, began as a child. 


And  as my life inevitably meandered through its' many twists, turns, eases and obstacles, a deep love affair and understanding of the mystical emerged. 

This has allowed me to develop, and continue to develop, a practice that supports other's wherever they are on this journey of life, and to help them step into their own light, power and purpose.


- Shamanic Practitioner (Therapy & Practical) Training

- Somatic Shamanism Training

- Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation

- Reiki Master

- Accredited Tarot Teacher

- Accredited Counsellor

- Accredited Meditation Teacher

- Diploma's in Tarot Reading, Life Coaching, Angel Therapy & NLP

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"Tansy provides a wonderful healing space and offers her gifts as a true spiritual service in a very sympathetic loving way that your heavy day is lifted and given new energy. She coaches and encourages you as she gives you important real guidance. Her gifts really strike home and are delivered in a way that you know are attuned to the universe. If you are going through struggles, she is there to help you understand you are supported in this world, which is amazing and therapeutic. I can't wait for my next session!"

D. Harrell

“Tansy has a beautiful way of connecting on a deep spiritual level from the moment you meet her.                                                                 
She patiently listens, reflects with kindness and compassion whilst holding space for me to work through my own process without any form of judgement.                                                                  Tansy’s magical way with imparting her knowledge in a way that I can truly understand has been really comforting, a unique gift.  She is definitely one of the kindest souls I have met in a long time!”  



"Give people their flowers, before they die"....

So with that, you have come into my life with such power, grace, and love, and you are truly a beautiful soul - you have SO much you're offering the world and your commitment to be a vessel for sacred space is remnant of a sacred fire, a heart hearth that warms the souls of all consciousness. The ripple that stirs in your wake is massive...and it nourishes infinitely through me and beyond.

Thank you”

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