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LIVE your most powerful, positive, and confident life.

Reflect, release and HEAL

Manifest your DREAMS

And love being YOU


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It is such a pleasure to welcome you to my site, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me: 


I am a Counsellor, Tarot Reader, Shamanic Healer, Self Empowerment Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master. All of my work is directed toward affecting real and powerful healing and change. To bring you into your power, into alignment, and into good and lasting health.

How I work is dynamic and deeply relational, intuitive and emotive. I am not your traditional counsellor. I seek to go deep, to support, to hold, to advise, to guide you and, if desired to look beneath the veil for what is holding you back, or causing a lack of trust in your life.

Tansy Baigent



As a professional Tarot Reader, Counsellor, and Meditation Guide

I am able to create a deeply held and healing cocoon for your safety and healing.


Through calming, intuitive, channelled and reflective practices I can offer truly unique forms of support to nurture your power, wellbeing and self confidence.

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As a Master Reiki Healer I am able to channel healing energy into you, to offer physical & emotional well-being and health.




As a Trained Shamanic Healing Practitioner I am able to venture into deeper realms of the psyche to bring forward messages, hidden wisdom and to help clear old patterns or trauma.


The Spiritual and Shamanic practices I offer support deep inner-work and spiritual alignment