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Spiritual wellbeing

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spiritual Check-Up

An in-depth session to seek out any blocks to wellbeing on the

spiritual and energetic levels in order to restore harmony and well-being

Includes reiki energy healing.

Reflection, alignment, healing

120 min   /   book online

Healing through the wisdom of your body.

Whether you are experiencing pain, emotional blocks, anxiety or unsettled feelings or sensations, 

this treatment offers deep support in moving/healing/releasing these areas or feelings.

Releasing, nourishing healing

60 min   /  book online

Personalised and intuitive card reading for support and understanding.

Particularly powerful during periods of uncertainty or transformation.

Insight, clarity, connection

60 min   /  book online

Ancestral healing

Release and heal ancestral behaviours, patterns or trauma

to free your life from unwanted influences and claim

authority over your present and your future choices and experiences

Release, reclaim, empower

120 min   /   book online



Transform, heal and claim the path of a joy-filled, empowered life.




A 16 week package of support & guidance, with personalised resources, group work and therapy to help you heal, reclaim your power, and live your best life 




A shamanic practice of soul healing and integration.

A profound restoration of all of your fragmented parts, and a deep reclamation of your power, your life, your destiny and your soul.

Mentor for Spiritual Practitioners / healers

Are you a healer,

or training to become a healing practitioner?

Let me support you in becoming a powerful healing practitioner by supporting your work, offering feedback and helping you develop your healing practice. My specialities are with Reiki, Shamanic, Spiritual and Tarot Practitioners.


let me provide accountability for your studies, meditation, practices or growing your business. 

Prices From £25 (30 mins)

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Online courses to deepen your connection with Spirit, discover inner gifts, and grow in joy and confidence.

Come join me on this path of Spiritual initiation.

summer solstice ceremony featuring a woman alone in the woods with the setting sun.jpg


This Masterclass provides you with all you need to know to get started with reading the Tarot; from selecting a deck and 'setting your space', to understanding the cards and connecting with your intuition.


This is an AMAZING class and at a price you cannot afford to miss!


I work with a range of healing modalities gathered through Shamanic, Somatic and Therapeutic training to support you with whatever challenges you are facing; whether this is anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, loss, life challenges and/or past trauma.


I use my expertise, experience and intuition to guide you back home to 'the self'. Through this reconnection you are able to rise into confidence, inner healing, self love, self-confidence and empowerment.

How I work is dynamic and deeply relational, intuitive and emotive. I am not your traditional spiritual guide or shamanic counsellor. I seek to go deep, to guide, to connect you with spirit, and to support and hold you as you reclaim your power, as you 'heal'.. and as you rise into your fullest potential and joy.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me:


Upcoming Retreats


November 2024

Come 'home', relax and be nourished.

So few of us have a place that we can go to truly let go and be taken care of; where we can sleep-in, be brought cups of tea, have everything taken of (meals, laundry, bath-running) and receive beautiful healing treatments and one-on-one guidance and care.

Devon, UK

Half day and full day retreats (regular)
Overnight & 2 day retreats (rare)

"Tansy has the most calming and reassuring voice.


She radiates compassion and kindness.


Her knowledge is inspirational.


 Highly recommend."


L. Levy


My Promise to You

As my client I will bring all my expertise, care, intuition, experience, tools and spiritual guidance to you and our sessions. I will support you in all aspects of your healing, with an unwavering commitment to your growth.


You will discover that the process and sacred container in which you are held will feel like that of a trusted sister or friend; holding you in care and safety and helping you to grow, heal and release that which has been holding you back.


I will offer you different perspectives on the challenges you face as and when they arise, and help you move through any limiting beliefs or ancestral woundings, so you can curate your best and most joy-filled life.

Choose happiness.

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