Healing is a journey of mind, body and soul. 

A process of alignment and awakening.

It takes courage, commitment and kindness.


And like all journeys', it starts with the first step 

Meet Tansy


I have been involved in the healing and holistic therapies for over ten years, and have been meditating and card reading since I was a child. It is my greatest desire to be a healing guide for others' and to show the profound richness of meditation and cards in helping us to bring balance, harmony, peace and happiness in our lives.


My offerings include meditation teaching, holistic counselling, spiritual guidance, reiki and tarot card reading

I work with everyone individually and intuitively; nourishing you and your journey and empowering you to step into your light. Spirit is within us all, trust is within us all, love is within us all... we sometimes just need to remember.


Experience is our greatest teacher, others' are our greatest mirrors, trauma's our often our greatest lessons.  Whatever we face or have faced we are not and are never broken, we are simply learning lessons or unlearning restrictive beliefs in order to liberate ourselves from blocks to giving and receiving love in order to truly shine with the light of our souls. 

Tarot Course (Beginners)


Are you looking for a Tarot Course for Beginners to read with confidence for yourself and others'?

I have two upcoming courses, one on Sunday the 2nd August 2020 the second on Thursday the 6th August (2hr classes per week for 7 weeks) -  Only £300 for 14hrs of live and interactive classes PLUS a free private mentorship hour with me.

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Places are filling up. Click below to book your space or e-mail: tansyahealing@gmail.com

Tarot Classes

Take your Tarot to a deeper level. Be part of a community. Ask Questions. Practise reading.

Every other Sunday (next class 13.09.20)

20:00-21:30pm (UK)

Meditation Classes

Sign up to be the first to hear when I schedule a 'live' online meditation class or add new recorded meditations for deep release, stress reduction and relaxation.

My style is 'guided' or 'visualisation' meditations which means I take you on guided journey's to peace and serenity.

Meditation is an incredibly powerful and valuable tool which I highly recommend to everyone.

To trial my meditation technique visit my Meditations page here where you can listen/download a pre-recorded meditation for free.

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Techniques & Tips 


Struggling to find your flow? Troubles sleeping or over-eating? Stuck in a rut or simply looking for guidance?

Find my top tips here

Tarot Readings

I have been a professional Tarot card reader for over six years, but received my first deck over twenty years ago  and so have been working with the cards all my life.
My reading style is not predictive, but 'reflective', so rather than divining and predicting I instead use intuition and guidance to offer clarity around any challenges or changes that you may be going through. Helping you to see the underlying causes, the blocks, the support you need and the advice.
My readings are always given in a way which seeks to enlighten, empower and inspire you - no matter what you are facing.
Challenges are a natural part of life and of our growth but being able to navigate them with clarity and support can be truly nourishing and can help to create positive and lasting change.

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