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Discover who you truly are..
To start living your best life

The Path of In-Powerment Package

Whether you are seeking support or guidance to live a more joyful (or spiritually-connected) life, or are feeling lost and looking for purpose and a re-ignition of your passion, or are 

feeling deeply diminished or unwell and are needing to regain your power and/or heal

then this is the perfect package for you.

Through this 4 month package I will support and resource you so that can truly lay claim to

your extraordinary power, uniqueness and potential so that you can live your most joy-filled and empowered life.

As a trained Shamanic healer, intuitive counsellor, empowerment coach and spiritual guide

I have all the skills, expertise and experience to support you on this journey, and that is why

I can truly guarantee life-changing transformational results.

I truly cherish the time I share with every single one of the beautiful souls that are called to this program and so, other than the written 'resources' and 'mini tarot readings', all our calls will always be 'live' over zoom.


What is the In-Powered Way

A powerful and transformational package of support to guide you into self confidence, power, wellbeing, joy and presence (peace) by reconnecting you with who you truly are so that you can reframe your story, heal your past

and lay claim to a joy-filled life.

The coaching sessions will incorporate the tools and techniques to 

support you as you move through healing, acceptance and empowerment.



- Initial Intentions Call (60-90 mins) - together we

will journey through your life to map patterns and pains in order to begin the deep work

- 1:1 Coaching Sessions (2x every month) - 90 mins

- Group-coaching (90 mins) - includes meditation, discussion,

group work, and reflection (1x every month)

- Personalised resources (reading list, meditations, playlist)

- PLUS one additional (60-90 min) virtual healing with Tansy or an external practitioner*

(from those listed below)



Tarot Reading (with Tansy)

Reiki Healing Session (with Tansy)

Past Life Healing (with Tansy)

Ancestral Healing (with Tansy)

Shamanic Healing (with Tansy)

Astrology Reading 

Human Design Reading

Sound Healing

Energy Healing (Kundalini)

*The additional healing session offers healing and support in ways

you may have not yet explored. External practitioners will be

those that come highly recommended by me and I can support you

in choosing which additional healing might benefit you the most.


Where : Online (via Zoom)

Length : 4 months

When : Always available

**Limited Availability**


Total Investment : £1200 / $1500*

*This 4 month package can be paid in instalments

*Limited Availability*

Tansy is a naturally gifted healer. 

The integrity of her work creates a safe space through which all can submerge. 

She has the courage to move with me through the darkness,

The gift of bringing me back to the light.

Through a process of deep listening, a new blueprint is woven.

Under the pillars of both her strength and sensitivity an almost alchemical process can emerge. 

This is how ultimately, step by step, she leads you back to a guidance coming from within, which feels so empowering..

Cathérine L



1:1 Sessions

A space to reflect, talk, heal, release, and be empowered.

Additional Healing

Choose between a range of wonderful healing modalities to support your growth, health and empowerment.

Collective Support

A time for building authentic connection, co-healing, reflection, nourishment and restoration.


Let me show you the way...

You don't have to do this alone.


By booking this package, I will be there, standing alongside you, showing you the way and supporting you as you navigate the twists and turns of this extraordinary journey through life.

Tansy x       


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