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Reclaim the lost parts of your soul
A Powerful Package
of soul-Healing

The soul-healing Package

A powerful healing package that unifies any lost, stuck, fragmented or abandoned parts of

yourself that you unknowingly left behind throughout this life as a way of protecting yourself

when you most needed to hide away from the pain.


As an experienced Shamanic Practitioner I am able to perform a powerful and ancient form of soul-healing, through which I 'walk between the worlds' to retrieve all the parts of your soul you may have left behind. This process of bringing these pieces back to you is profound and deeply healing and empowering. By calling all your soul parts back home you can feel whole, have a richer understanding of your life's journey and the challenges you faced, and lay claim to the fullness of your power.

This process of healing soul loss is very powerful and so, although everyone would benefit, a person must be ready to work at this level of healing, in order to ensure that you are, as part of the package we will have an introductory call (called 'the Initial Intentions Call') and if we both agree you are not quite ready, any payment will be returned to you in full.

This soul healing package prepares you for all the elements of the healing; preparing you beforehand, outlining what I do and how I do it, and gives ample time for me support of you for post retrieval integration and understanding

Learn More about Soul Loss and the Practice of Soul Retrievals

In ancient cultures soul loss is seen as a leading cause of illness, immune system deficiencies, disorders of mental, physical and emotional well-being.


the soul healing package

A rich package of support to guide you through your soul healing



- Initial Intentions Call (20 mins)*

(A beautiful moment to 'meet' one another and for me to answer any questions you may have about the soul healing, to discuss your readiness at this time for this healing,

and to explain the details of the soul healing session and recovery time.)


*If we decide together that this is not the right time for this healing I will refund your package in full

- Soul Healing ('Soul Retrieval') - 3 hrs

(online or in-person - for the latter please let me know before booking) 

- A Written or Recorded Account of the Session

(for you to keep and refer to)

- 1 x Follow-Up Session (20 min)

- 1 x Somatic / Reflective Healing Session (1hr)

Where : Online (via Zoom) unless otherwise discussed

When : Ongoing availability*

**Limited Weekly Availability**


Investment : £400 / $500*

*This package can be paid in instalments

*Limited Availability*

Tansy is a naturally gifted healer. 

The integrity of her work creates a safe space through which all can submerge. 

She has the courage to move with me through the darkness,

The gift of bringing me back to the light.

Under the pillars of both her strength and sensitivity an almost alchemical process can emerge. 

Cathérine L




Space to create the perfect conditions for your soul-healing, and to ensure that this is the right time to undergo this deep healing*

*Not suitable during stressful periods of life such as moving house, during exams, or during periods of intensity in your professional life (please ask if you are unsure)


A powerful and profound exploration of the unseen depths in which your lost soul pieces are found and returned to you, to bring you into soul-wholeness and soul health


Re-building yourself from the inside-out requires safety, space, presence and the ability to be guided through anything that emerges from the unconscious; and this process can continue after the soul retrieval session and time is gifted for this


Let me show you the way...

You don't have to do this alone.


By booking this package, I will be there, showing you the way and supporting you as I heal the foundations of what it is to be 'you' and help you navigate your presence and your path on this extraordinary journey of life.

Tansy x       

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