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Soul Retrieval

Are there are moments in your life that you can't move on from or that haunt you?
Are you looking for a greater sense of integration, presence and peace?

Soul retrieval is a powerful practice of calling all the pieces of your soul back home.

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Soul Retrieval is an important (Shamanic) technique for deep soul-level integration, empowerment, healing, and 'wholeness'. 

However it all begins with a recognition that life is mysterious, far more mysterious than many recognise. And that we all have inner worlds, or inner landscapes, that need tending to as much as the outer world. When we understand this inner world we can see how much of us is held here; our shadow, our traumas, our dreams, our memories.. and what is almost incomprehensible to fully appreciate, is that other's (shamans/shamanic practitioners) can enter your inner world to locate (and support in healing) beliefs, blocks and traumas.

The final part to understanding this form of healing is around the 'soul'. I will not go into depth in explaining a soul, I simply want to invite you to accommodate the idea that your soul is experiencing everything that you are as you live this life. And, when we experience moments of trauma or anguish or separation (from home, a partner etc) a piece of that soul, a piece of 'us', gets left behind, in that moment/place.


And over time there is a fragmentation of 'self', a splitting of who we are across our lifetime, and we can find it difficult to truly experience presence and self-unity and deep soul-level integration.

So, through the process of soul 'retrieval' I 'journey' (a form of deep meditation) into your inner world to collect the fragmented pieces of you / your soul and reunite them with you.

I help to bring these pieces home to you.


The feeling can be like landing back in your body with wholeness. However the more important part is that these soul pieces have been reunited with you.  

However although the pieces of the soul are restored, emotional healing and integration is still needed, and the soul retrieval then provides a map for this work.

A Client's Experience (in her own words)
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