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Course Recordings

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

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In this 8-part course Tansy safely and expertly guides you through the essential steps to 'journeying' - a form of deep meditation pivotal to Shamanic practice and deeply powerful as a source to understanding life's great mysteries.

Live (virtual) Class Series

Journeying to
the Gods


Be guided expertly into the 'higher realms' in order to connect, communicate and work with the Gods and Goddesses, and learn how to honour them in your daily life

A live (virtual) 12 month class series 

Class Recording

Tarot Masterclass

Tarot Masterclass.png

This Masterclass provides all you need to know to get you started with reading the Tarot; from selecting a deck and creating your space, to understanding the cards, laying spreads and connecting to your intuition in order to build your readings.

Meditation Recording

Guided Journey
through the Tarot


A very powerful way to learn/remember the major arcana tarot cards and their placement is through meditation.

This guided tarot meditation offers the essentials to help support you in your growth to remembering card meanings.

(Virtual) 6 Month Program

Deepening into
Shamanic Journeying


A 6 month program in which you will be guided safely and expertly into the 'other realms' in order to access deep wisdom, connection, insights, exploration of yourself, others' and the Cosmos.

Live (virtual) Class Series



Expertly lead deep ancestral journeys for connection, healing, wisdom and support.

Know where you came from, choose what you take with you on this powerful live (virtual) 6 week class series.

Course Recordings

Learn to Read 
the Tarot


In this course you will learn how to read the Tarot via many visual aids and opportunities to practice with exercises to build reading confidence and making connections between the cards.

Class Recordings

Enchanting Fortuna; Tarot + Astrology


In this 12-part class series Astrologer, Amanda Simon and I track the cycle of the year through each Astrological sign and its' corresponding Tarot Card.

Powerful to work through in line with the months you are experiencing.

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