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The Soul Web
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Imagine there is a network, or web, of lightworkers, magic workers, healers and those spiritually connected from across the World who come together to keep the connection to magic, spirit and love ever-flowing.

A web to channel love into the world, to receive love, to build connection, and to be a place of collective remembering of the magic we are all a part of?

A web that supports the radiance of each individual so that together we can light up the World.

Welcome to the Soul Web.

Starting simply as an extensive contact list of soulful connections, with monthly gatherings of 'remembering' the magic, our light and our ability to emanate this out into the World and each other



Welcome to the web

Image by Johannes Plenio

A network of lightworkers, healers, magic makers, the heart-centred and spiritually-connected


The monthly NEW MOON gatherings will be a time to remind and be reminded of the magic, our light and our truth.

With busy lives and challenges we can forget or become disconnected from the magic, and the truth of our light and power. These gatherings are a way to reconnect to source (divinity, soul, consciousness, god), to be reminded of the magic that we are all a part of, to be revitalised by radiance (through energy sharing) and to send love into the World (through prayer and/or vibration)

At first these will be hosted by Shamanic Healer, Tansy Baigent, however they are collective offerings and there will be openings for contributions by those souls in the Web that would like to share practices, potent magical stories or magical wisdom within this container (if you would like to contribute please contact me).

These gatherings will be completely unique each time, however they will all centre around:

- connection
- magic
- love
- light

Everyone on the mailing list will be sent out the zoom link - so simply add your name to join the web and the gatherings.

All the 2023 - 2024 dates are below for you to add to your diary 

Welcome to the web

Every month there will be a 'remembering'

- a gathering to remind ourselves and each other of the magic that exists, and the power we have to share love, light and healing

Upcoming Gatherings 


7 - 8:30 pm (London, UK)  /  12 - 1:30 pm (MST)
Every New Moon

* Monday 13th November 2023

* Tuesday 12th December 2023

* Thursday 11th January 2024

* Friday 9th February 2024

* Sunday 10th March 2024

* Monday 8th April 2024

* Wednesday 8th May 2024

* Thursday 6th June 2024

* Friday 5th July 2024

* Sunday 4th August 2024

* Tuesday 3rd September 2024

* Wednesday 2nd October 2024

* Sunday 3rd November 2024

* Sunday 1st December 2024

Save the dates

Zoom links will be sent by e-mail each month
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

The Souls

If you would like to be featured here with your central modality (and a link to your website/email address) message me

To have just your profile photo / first name featured send me a photo to 


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