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Astrology Readings

with Katya Slivinskaya

Do you ever wonder why the same patterns repeat themselves in your life, over and over again?

Do you wonder if there truly is a key that can unlock your life’s greatest riddles, and illuminate the path forward?


Katya Slivinskaya gives robust, comprehensive astrology readings in the 3rd Stage Astrology tradition. In this 2 hour reading, you will be guided through the story of your current soul journey over many lifetimes, we'll identify the themes that have been stubbornly repeating themselves, and gently yet clearly guide you to what it is you are being asked to resolve, let go of, understand, accept, or see in order to finally walk into your liberation.

Katya Arise .jpg

Katya Slivinskaya


Flower Essences
from Diomira Rose

Diomira's work is rooted in her personal and direct experience with, and connection of, Gaia (the living Earth) and the spirits and beings which inhabit the her (Gaia).

Flower essences are the spirit medicine song collected from the spirits of flowers, trees, rocks, gems and faery and elven forces, infused in spring or well water, and preserved with brandy.

"With the help of the elementals of earth, air, water and fire, I have lovingly collected these essences to support you in your journey of healing, soul remembrance, and joyful re-enchantment."

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Diomira Rose D'Agostino

Image by Alexey Demidov

Handmade Mala
from Nikki Cassap

Nikki is a yoga teacher who found a passion for creating beautiful jewellery for positive vibrations in life, love and yoga.

"Each necklace and bracelet is individually made and I often work with people to design a jewellery piece to suit their needs.
As they are all individual no one piece is the same. 

I hope you love wearing my intention malas as much as I love creating them."

Reach out to her to design you a custom piece.

(I recommend sandalwood with accents of natural stones)

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Nikki Cassap

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