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Welcome to my healing sessions page. Here you will find details of my private healing sessions.

For all my services click on 'Book Now'.

As a spiritual and intuitive healer I work with, and from, many traditions and practices, however you do not need to be spiritual yourself to benefit from any of these sessions.


All my healing is offered online via zoom.

If you don't know which offering/service to choose then simply pick one and when

we come together we can determine what might be best for that session. 


I deeply understand how important it is to work with a healer that you align with and so I offer FREE 10 min online consultations to allow a chance to connect before making any booking or commitment - to sign up simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

FREE Consultation

Not sure what to book, or you want to 'meet' me first before committing to a session - I completely understand. Which is why I offer 15min FREE consultations.*

Please note these are only possible online (all time-zones catered for).

*Absolutely no strings attached (only one offered per person. Subject to availability)

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