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Have you had a bad break-up? Or cannot get an ex out of your head?

Do you have a challenging relationship with a family member, friend or person in your life?


In our relationships with others' we form energetic 'attachments' and in Shamanic languaging these are called 'cords'. These cords open the way for power to flow between two people.


However one person can be more dominant and can 'take' the power of the other person. If this is happening to you, you may feel less-than than the other person, you may feel powerless against them, you may feel controlled by them, you may not be able to break free from them (no matter how hard you try - this can feel like love or obsession for example after a difficult break-up and you can't get the other person out of your head).


Fortunately we have a powerful means of taking our power back and to 'cut' these cords. 


When you do this process its important to be aware that it has real-world affects, as you are severing an unhealthy energetic connection, and the other person may experience a sense of release as well. It is a powerful process that relies on the strength of your intention to release these unhealthy power patterns.


However this process does not cause harm to anyone, it is simply a process of taking your power back and removing these cords that allow your power to be taken by another. So there is nothing to fear in this process and can be done with multiple people (even during one sitting).


One thing to be aware of is that if the connection between you and another continues to be fed without the creation of strong boundaries, after you have done the cord cutting, some of these cords may grow back and so it will need to be repeated.


If you find that you need more support after the cord cutting, I would highly recommend booking in a counselling call, I can offer deeper support 1:1 and help you to work through your attachments/relationships so that you can build your confidence, power and resilience.


If you wish to, before you do the cord-cutting (taking your power back) meditation, you could write down exactly how you feel about this person and why it may be hurting you so much (be honest with yourself, don't hide from the truth of how you truly feel). Then once you have accepted how you feel, you can then burn (somewhere safely/outdoors/with water available to douse any embers) the writing. And now you are ready to do the release.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out.


With love and light x

Taking Your Power Back

  • Before doing the meditation, I highly recommend that you find a private, quiet place where you won't be disturbed. 

    Feel free to sit or lie down, esnuring you are comfortable with a straight and relaxed spine.

    If you find it difficult to meditate ensure that you do not have any coffee, tea or coffee with 3 hours of doing the process, and don't worry too much about following the visuals if this feels difficult, and focus more on how the whole experience would feel. 

    If you find you often fall asleep when you meditate, I recommend having a little bit of caffeine before starting, and perhaps trying to do it sitting-up.

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