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Guided Journey Through the Major Arcana

A Deeper Dive into the 21 Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Did you know...

The Major Arcana... say something about them
Imagine if you had a tool that could connect you to 'Spirit' (fill in your word for divinity, the cosmos, God...). 

A tool that could support you, guide you, show you what is holding you back, or what is helping you.

A tool that could give you messages about your life and help you to
build your intuitive knowing, and your connection to magic (the psychic) in your life..

.. this tool exists.. and it is called The Tarot

A deck of 78 cards made up of all the expressions of human experience.

But knowing how to use this deck, and what to do to connect with the cards is just
as important as learning to read the cards themselves.

For this is where your safety in working with the cards can be found.

If you are ready to be guided into a safe and powerful relationship with the Tarot click the link below. 
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Only $162  $49 if purchased today! 

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The Major Arcana

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What's Inside


The Guided Journey

Write about the audio piece


Write about the audio piece

Your teacher

Hi, I'm Tansy,

I am professional Tarot Reader, Teacher and Mentor.


I have been reading the tarot since I was a child, developing the practice throughout my 20's and becoming a professional tarot teacher in my 30's.  

It took me a long time because I didn't have an ongoing teacher/guide to help show me how to work with the Tarot and my intuition in a deeply collaborative way. I did not have what you now have, and I wish I did. 

Tarot is a skill you build over time, through practice, love and excitement for the magic and wisdom that is brought through it.


I will be there to help you connect with the cards, deepen your relationship to the tarot, building a personal practice of reading the cards for yourself, and helping you to interpret cards or make sense of the messages.

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