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A Solution to Night Terrors?

Is it time to finally sleep soundly?

In many ways this is an untraditional blog post, as rather than me sharing information, I am in fact looking for participants* to join me as I run a beta (trial) program organised around work I have been doing to lessen and remove the occurrence of night terrors and/or nightmares or sleep walking.

(*more details below)

Why me?

After suffering from unbearable nightmares as a child, these quickly progressed into night terrors (screaming out or leaping up at night), which unfortunately never stopped.

Then a few years ago the frequency of my night terrors began to increase until I was regularly leaping out of bed in the middle of the night. Then one night I leapt up, threw myself onto my bed base with such force I broke a rib and punctured a lung (a pretty horrific way to wake up in the early hours of the morning!)

When I returned from hospital I resolved to put an end to my night terrors before I did more injury.

As a healing practitioner, I trialed techniques and natural remedies on myself.. and I discovered something that worked! After suffering from night terrors every week, I have not had a single one for over 6 months.

And I want to share my methods with others' to see if the result can be replicated

If you are interested in being added to the list to join the trial program to reduce and/or stop your night terrors, add your e-mail below

What are night terrors or night frights?

For those who are unsure, night terrors (or night frights) are essentially a sleep disorder that is characterised by sudden episodes of intense fear, panic, movement, terror or desperation during sleep. Usually they happen during non REM sleep and may or may not be remembered afterwards.

For the great majority of my personal night terrors I remember what I was dreaming leading into the 'episode' as I have to force myself out of it and into waking consciousness before the images will dissipate.

During a night terror a person may sit up, leap up or move around, and may be showing signs of distress. These episodes are often very alarming for both the person experiencing them and those around them.

It is believed that night terrors are more common in children however from my personal experience I think the number of adults who experience them is high, but often not discussed. And in my own case I never spoke to a doctor about it, until my injury.

When night terrors occur in adults, if fairly regular, they do not seem to resolve on their own, and my trial program has been developed to support those of us who are told this and yet we remain tormented.

Who am I?

I am a trauma-informed Intuitive Guidance Counsellor/Coach specialising in self-empowerment, shamanic healing, regression techniques, energy healing, meditation, tarot and life coaching.

There's a lot there (and a lot more), but what it means is that I have spent many years gathering the experience and expertise to help others' to improve their mindset, live more empowered lives, and to support healing from the inside out.

My interest in helping those (you or those you know) with night terrors, nightmares, and/or sleep walking comes from my own experience of years of suffering the consequences without finding a solution.

With a personal solution to hand, I want to offer this to others'. It is non-invasive and natural. Working with body, energy and mind.

If you would like to add yourself to the list to join my beta (trial) program click the link

You have no idea how much I want this for you.

No longer suffering from night terrors has changed my life..

  • I'm far less tired

  • I'm not worried about what is around me when I sleep, or who I will disturb

  • My relationship is happier now that my partner is no longer anxious about me hurting myself

  • I know myself (and my fears) more through listening to my dreams

Isn't it about time to finally sleep soundly? ... Imagine the rest...

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