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Spirit Medicine

Spirit medicine begins with this: That in the pursuit of any healing we must first come to understand ourselves. For it is only through the integration of the many parts of who we are as humans, from the physical and mental to the emotional and spiritual, that we can truly seek alignment ie. the freedom from dis-ease.

As such 'Spirit Medicine', rooted in indigenous traditions from across the World, provides a profound and ancient approach to wellness and health that acknowledges the importance of an holistic approach that incorporates a harmony between mind, body, and spirit.

This method or understanding of healing is found in ancient cultures from both the east and west, north and south, and is known by many other names; Shamanic Healing, White Magic, Spiritual Healing, Metaphysical Medicine.

Spiritual, Emotional & Physical Health

With this form of healing/medicine it is recognised that ailments, imbalances and even some injuries can often have spiritual or emotional origins, and so unresolved trauma, unreleased emotions, disconnectedness, anger, loss, purposelessness, ancestral patterns, soul fragmentation and entity invasion can all take their toll on our health and wellbeing. And so, it is through a process of release, self love, and spiritual connection and clearings that physical or psychological symptoms can be diminished or dissolved and balance can be restored.

This is where spirit medicine practitioners, often called shamans or healers, can offer support, by being the guide for this healing or by accessing the realms of spirit to help restore harmony and balance within the individual; thus the medicine of spirit (your spirit and the greater Spirit).

These practitioners are skilled at 'walking between worlds' - accessing the spiritual world to bring guidance, support and medicine for the person they are supporting/helping to heal.

This speaks to an additional element of spirit medicine, the power of human support, community and connection. We are not meant, nor often fully able, to do this healing work alone. And if you are inspired by this understanding of health and alignment, I recommend finding a shamanic practitioner /spirit medicine practitioner that you trust and who can help guide and support you.

Connection to Nature

And as we look around us at the healing support that exists we have our inner world, the spirit world, the human world, and there is also the natural world; that which exists around us. And our connection to it is a key part of spirit medicine, as we are of the natural world, the natural world is us (down to the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat), and so its' health is intimately entwined with our own.

And beyond the health and energy of the natural world, it is filled with spirit and spirits, as well as beings, remedies, and 'resources' that we need to support and heal us as we live out this existence and experience of life; and so it is important to our health, happiness and fundamental wellbeing that we nurture and remain reverent of our inseparable connection to nature and to all the life and spirit that exists within it.

Though of course, in modern life we can so often find ourselves distanced from the natural world and the power of its' healing presence and spirits. Such separation however is felt within our being, and can be a part of heightened levels of stress, disconnection, isolation and/or feelings of anxiety.

[See how just listening to birdsong has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression: Click Here]

And so by reconnecting with nature, perhaps through walks or practices of forest bathing, meditating with trees, tending to plants, spending time in the wild, or participating in nature-based rituals we can nurture a deeper sense of belonging, purpose, connection and wellbeing.

The intentional use of flower essences, teas, and herbs which have been collected with care will carry the living spirit of the plants with them, and these spirits are part of the healing we are able to receive when we bring them into our bodies; this is how they can be used as medicine for us.

Plant Medicine

And in many cultures plants however have not only been revered for the healing properties they offer the body and mind, but also for their profound healing properties of the spirit. For example sacred 'psycho-active' plants such as Ayahuasca, Peyote, Psilocybin mushrooms, and San Pedro cactus are considered to be doorways to the spirit world and have been used ceremonially for centuries to facilitate spiritual growth and self-discovery.

These psychedelic substances enable individuals to access hidden realms of consciousness, confront unresolved emotions, and gain insights into the interconnectedness of all life.

With expert guidance and powerfully 'held' space, plant medicine ceremonies can be transformative experiences, offering profound healing and a deep sense of interconnectedness.

Plant medicines however are not necessary in accessing the hidden realms and promoting healing, they are simply doorways to the work. Through shamanic practices of 'journeying', trance, developing sensitivity to the subtle energies the unseen realms and the beings that inhabit (and transcend them) can be accessed.

[Please be aware that plant medicine is illegal to consume in many countries. Please act according to the laws within each country.]

The Subtle Energies

Energy and Intuition is another powerful aspect of spirit medicine as it is through accessing the subtle energies within and around us (including emotions) that greater and deeper healing is possible.

All our cells are alive with energy, energy is key to moving messages from the brain to the body and the body to the brain. We are in all ways beings of energy, and this energy flows around our body; and we have energy channels and centres that help to keep the energy flowing, however blockages in our energy can arise from physical, emotional and/or spiritual forces which can disrupt or disturb energy flows to areas of our body and these blockages can, in time, manifest as dis-ease.

This is why energy healing modalities such as reiki, acupuncture, and general energy work are so important as they are able to address any imbalances in our energetic systems, allowing the energy to flow and promoting greater health.

However if we do not also address the underlying cause of the blockage, i.e a trauma or feelings of anger or resentment, the blockage will return.

In terms of intuition, we all enter this World with 'intuition', an 'inner knowing' or sense, and the more we come to be sensitive to the subtleties of life and energy the more we learn how to connect to our intuition and listen to it.

This is important not simply to help us make life choices, but to help us better align to our soul's purpose; and live out our destiny.

For spirit medicine practitioners using intuition and sensing into a person's energy becomes important to uncover what is holding a person back, what is creating dis-ease, what needs to be released.

Some practitioners will use journeying (walking into the world of spirit), others' will use body-scans and yet others' the tools we have that can open up communication with the cosmos; such as channelling, tarot, runes etc. Some practitioners use all three.

Accessing Spiritual Healing

Drawing from direct connection, ancient wisdom and a holistic approach to healing spirit medicine (shamanic healing) truly offers a profound path to personal transformation and a deeper sense of connection.

Through the integration of mind, body, and spirit, the most foundational levels of healing can take place, and through this process the interconnectedness of all life, through spirit, is truly understood and embodied.

And so as you explore the diversity of healing modalities, perhaps spirit medicine/shamanism will find its way into the medicine you choose to align with for your wellbeing.

And this knowledge and understanding of mind, body, spirit that we now possess is truly testament to the enduring power of ancient wisdom, and the work of countless individuals who have helped to bring this to the collective consciousness. Because of this we are now better able to navigate the challenges we face, and seek to create a society that acts in union and connection with the unseen realms; of emotion, spirit, energy.

If you are interested in going deeper and exploring how spirit medicine/shamanic healing can support you do not hesitate to contact me:


Spirit Medicine Retreat in the Mountains

And if you truly feel inspired by the powerful and transformative aspects of Spirit Medicine then consider joining the Spirit Medicine Retreat that I am co-hosting this year in honour of the Autumn Equinox (21 - 24 September 2023) in (Buena Vista) Colorado.

It will be a time of deep support and inspired connection to the sacred through many of the practices discussed above:

From deepening our relationship to nature, calling on spiritual support (spirit guides, ancestors etc), developing our intuition, building community and connections and supporting the embodiment of the spirit that infuses us all.*

There will also be an opportunity to book individual spirit medicine (shamanic) healing sessions with me.

To find out more: Click Here

Or sign up to my mailing list to hear about future Spirit Medicine Retreats.

With light and love,

Tansy x

*Please be aware that plant medicine will not feature on the Spirit Medicine retreat


Tansy Baigent is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner (Spirit Medicine Practitioner), specialising in:

- Spiritual/Intuitive Guidance Counselling

- Soul Retrievals

- Spiritual Guidance (helping with connecting to spirit guides, ancestors, gods/goddesses and/or channelling for greater personal wisdom and resources)

- Past life regression (healing/integrating the learning from past lives)

Book a free discovery call: HERE (or below)

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