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What is a Soul Retrieval? And why is it important?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Soul Retrieval is an important Shamanic technique for deep soul-level integration, empowerment, healing, and coming into 'wholeness'.

However, to explain why and how, I first need to very briefly introduce you to a few important concepts: Shamanism, Inner World, Soul, Shaman, Journeying:


Shamanism is essentially an understanding of the deeply mysterious nature of life and our existence. Shamanism, stemming from ancient wisdom from all across the World, maps the mystery, providing a kind of blueprint for the nature of reality and the Universe.

The Shamanic worldview sees everything in terms of its' consciousness and inhabiting 'spirit', that is that everything contains some degree of consciousness; whether that thing is animate or inanimate, and that some of this consciousness has it's own personality/spirit. For example plants, trees, the Earth, the planets etc. all have a living consciousness and 'personality' that can be communicated with, and when knowing this, it allows you to communicate with these spirits.

But spirits or beings do not only inhabit the 'seen' world, they also inhabit the 'unseen' world; a place just as 'real' but far more intangible.

This is the realms of gods and goddesses, elves, fairies, spirit guides, ancestors, angels..

Shamanism essentially provides a blueprint of the Universe (both seen and unseen) and that this Universe is a mass of vibrational conscious energy, and all that energy is, in its own way, a living being. Consciousness itself. And through sound (drumming, songs, chants), movement and even intention we can influence the energetic vibrations around us, altering consciousness and affecting change.

Through shamanism we discover the knowledge of how to be in this multileveled universe, and how to heal all levels of our being.

Inner World

The inner world (or inner plane) is a part of the shamanic universe, and whether we are aware of it or not we all have an inner world, a part of our psyche.

And this inner World needs tending to as much as the outer world; for they intimately affect each other.

And when we come to understand this inner world we can see just how much of us is held in there; our shadow, our beliefs, our traumas, our dreams, our memories, our subconscious, our emotions, even other spirits, beings and entities.

And although we all have our own inner world, there is also a meta inner world, to which all our inner worlds are connected, and to which we all have access.

And so, as extraordinary as it sounds, it is possible to move from your own inner world into the inner world of others'.

Shamans (& Shamanic Practitioners)

Shamans (shamans/shamanic practitioners) have learnt how to 'walk between worlds', that is, to move from their inner world and enter your inner world to locate (and support in healing) beliefs, blocked energy, traumas, and illnesses.

Shamans, with deep knowledge of the blueprint of reality and the many beings and energetic frequencies and forms, use this knowledge to bring wisdom, balance and healing to themselves, others' and the World.


The soul in its most simple description is a persons' spiritual essence or form. We all have a soul, it is the most ancient part of someone. The soul is essentially the consciousness within someone that experiences all; whether sleeping or awake, whether internal or external, whether this life or all the lives your soul has experienced.

And as we come to know our soul in this life, I want to invite you to accommodate the idea that your soul is not one solid thing, that it is an energy and that energy can become fragmented across the many iterations and experiences of your life.

So, when we experience moments of trauma or anguish or separation (from home, a partner etc) or even unrivalled contentment, a piece of our soul can get left behind in those experiences or places. A literal representation of when we speak of the parts of us that have never moved on.

Over time this soul loss can lead to a fragmentation of 'self', a splitting of who we are across our lifetime, and we can find it difficult to truly experience the present and feel pulled to times and places in our life that can torment or haunt us.

Journeying & Soul Retrieval

Journeying is a form of deep meditation where the shaman (or shamanic practitioner) travels into the inner world to gather information, messages or to heal or do clearings.

Through the process of soul 'retrieval' a shaman or shamanic practitioner will 'journey' into a persons' inner world to find and gather lost pieces of the person's soul and returns them and reconnects them.

For the person experiencing a soul retrieval, it will general be a restful experience, and the feeling of the soul coming back together can be like landing back into your body with a sense of wholeness, presence and often with a draw towards deeper self reflection and understanding.

Soul retrieval is a soul-level healing that is profound, powerful, and an important basis for all healing.

With the pieces of the soul restored there is more energy available for emotional healing and integration of the experiences where the soul loss occurred, and so the soul retrieval can then act as a map to emotional healing.

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Tansy is a professional wellbeing practitioner and healer, specialising in:

Shamanic Healing, Empowerment Coaching, Intuitive Guidance Counselling & Tarot

Follow her on instagram: tansy_alexandra

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