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White Witch School


Welcome to White Witch School. 

On this page you will find extra resources that will be invaluable throughout this course and for your ongoing witch work.

Becoming a white witch is so much more a remembering than a learning. It is an opening to the magic that already exists within and around you. 

As you become more attuned (sensitive) to magic it is then simply about giving time to its' development and to creating daily practice.

White Plants

You Will Need

  • Standing (altar) Candles: WHITE, YELLOW, RED, BLUE, GREEN, BLACK, PINK

  • Incense: Smudge Stick (e.g sage), Palo Santo or a Stick of Incense (e.g nag champa)

  • Journal/Notebook

  • Crystals: Clear Quartz, Obsidian

  • Tarot Cards: Rider Waite Deck

  • Runes: Any (Stones or Crystals)

  • Astro Dice: Set of Three (Planet, House, Sign)

  • Paper (not too thin)

  • Paints: Childrens' Pot Paints or Squeezy Bottle Paints

  • Optional: Wand (Crystal or Wood)


Goddess Prayer

Goddess to thee I call, in thee I believe

I open my heart thy power to receive.

Grant me thy presence, let me feel thy grace

Help me to cleanse and bless this space.

Consecrate this place to thy holy name

And lend me thy power to do the same.

Let it be thy presence that keeps me still

As I charge all present to obey thy will.

The presence of the Goddess is about to appear

So let this space be pure and clea.

All dross and creatures of decay and strife


Lest ye profane the source of life.

Oh Goddess now let thy presence be fully known

Within thy heart where is found thy throne

Manifest here, show us thy will

Guide our work and keep our spirits still

In recognition of thee I draw this ring

So within it thy gifts thou may bring

Grant that it may keep us free

From all that is not at one with thee

Great Goddess as I receive thy gifts from above 

Of light and life and strength and love

I pray that you may guard our souls 

And keep us aligned to our rightful goals

As I stand firm upon the Earth

I recognise the Goddess who gave me birth

And accept the life that flows from below

Enabling me to truly grow

(Turn to the East) Goddess grant me now the power of air

And the protection of thy spirits fair

Grant that nothing shall pass this gate

That is not aligned to my true, noble fate

(Turn to the South) Goddess, grant me now the power of fire

To protect all that is your hearts' desire

May the guardian of the south stand firm and clear

To protect all that we hold dear

(Turn to the West) Let thy watery power guard this western door

So that thy blessings can truly pour

Into my life, into this space

That I may feel thine infinite grace.

(Turn to the North) Let thy power guard the portal of North

So nought but love may pour forth

To fill our minds, our hearts, our souls

And hold us firm in our greater goals.

My space is now dedicated to these principles four

Above me light, below me life, within me love, around me law

Maintained by the guardians of each elemental door

And that one great source that I stand for.

Goddess, now you protect this space

And so we surrender to thine infinite grace 

And thank thee for giving us the room

Within thy safe encompassing womb.

Prayer gifted by

Peter Aziz


Directional candles and prayers (calling in the elementals).

Position based on your direction (use a compass).


Place each colour candle in the position below:


RED in SOUTH (fire)

BLUE in WEST (water)

GREEN in NORTH (earth)

The Importance of Sacred Space & How to


A Link to all the Spells in the Course

Open your 'Book of Shadows' (spell book) and write down these handy spells for every day ailments or to call in long term changes.

You will find Spells for:

- For Sleep

- Prosperity & Abundance

- Finding Lost Objects

Vintage treasures, cozy corners, cloudy
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