White Witch School

Learn how to become a White Witch & Healer


Welcome to Witch School



Have you always dreamt of being able to connect in with your psychic powers and discover the workings of 'real' magic?

Through this group I will be teaching you how to become a 'white' witch; a healer, intuitive and spell-weaver.

This group will provide a space to share stories, images of sacred spaces you have created or ideas or prayers you have found and is free.

The classes/workshops will take place every other week on a Tuesday with a practice session in the week between. You can do them all to have an introduction to many of the basic skills of a white witch or you can pick and choose.

The majority of these sessions will be practical workshops and will run through to the 1st November. In total there will be 25 sessions.

You can pay per session (just £10), by month (£40) or for the full course (£250).

Each workshop offers a different skill however some of the workshops like Tarot, Astrology, Runes will need to be given far more time in the long term, so if you connect with these tools I can guide you to places to continue your work with them.


You have your whole life to deepen all of this work - there is no rush, magic is eternal and, once learnt, simply needs practicing.

Come, be a part of the journey x