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White Witch School

Learn how to become a White Witch & Healer


Welcome to Witch School



Have you always dreamt of being able to connect in with your psychic powers and discover the workings of 'real' magic?

Through this group I will be teaching you how to become a 'white' witch; a healer, intuitive and spell-weaver.

This group will provide a space to share stories, images of sacred spaces you have created or ideas or prayers you have found and is free.

The classes/workshops will take place every other week on a Tuesday with a practice session in the week between. You can do them all to have an introduction to many of the basic skills of a white witch or you can pick and choose.

The majority of these sessions will be practical workshops and will run through to the 1st November. In total there will be 25 sessions.

You can pay per session (just £10), by month (£40) or for the full course (£250).

Each workshop offers a different skill however some of the workshops like Tarot, Astrology, Runes will need to be given far more time in the long term, so if you connect with these tools I can guide you to places to continue your work with them.


You have your whole life to deepen all of this work - there is no rush, magic is eternal and, once learnt, simply needs practicing.

Come, be a part of the journey x

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Pay monthly or as a one off payment
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Additional Resources for the Classes Below

Course Attendees

Have you been attending the classes for the White Witch School and are looking for the spells and prayers we have practiced?

If so you can find all this by clicking through below

White Plants

Course Outline 2021

A New Moon_Full Moon Gratitude

1. Conduits of Power 
20:00 (1hr) 4th May 2021

Join me as I guide you through an introduction of the foundations of 'real' Magic.


In this workshop I will be showing you how to begin to create sacred space, how to feel your energy and power, and how to imbue your tools for use as powerful talismans.

You will also learn how to connect with the Goddess of Witches and Healers - The Goddess Hecate.

drawings pencil.jpeg

4. Psychic Development
20:00 (1hr) 15th June 2021

Enhance and develop your third eye sensitivity.

This is a chance to learn how to connect with your innate intuitive skills and to develop your sensitivity to energy and messages (through imagery, touch, sound).

This is the time to develop our psychic powers to help, attune and heal.

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Astonomical Clock

7. Consulting the Stars
20:00 (1hr) 13th July 2021

In this class you will be introduced to Astrology; a key tool in the witches toolkit.

You will learn the basics of how to read a chart, to include the glyphs, the planets, signs and houses.

We will then focus our attention on the position of the sun, moon and venus in our charts.

Astrology is an incredibly rich and fascinating World and healers, witches and alchemists of all ages have looked to the stars for insight and wisdom. It is a powerful tool and resource and I look forward to introducing you to its' magic.

Come full circle #crystals.jpeg

10. Natures Cycles'
20:00 (1hr) 7th September 2021

In this class we will be delving into the macro and micro cycles that frame our lives. We will explore the relationship between cycles and magic, showing when are opportune times for power, spells, rest and reflection.

We will look at the Pagan 'Wheel of the Year' and learn how to work with the changing phases/faces of the moon.

Our World is made up of cycles within cycles. The great circles of life.

The Importance of Sacred Space & How to

2. Sacred Space
20:00 (1hr) 18th May 2021

As a white witch we must learn to connect and conjure within a safe and sacred space. 

In this workshop I will be guiding you through the steps of creating a sacred and protected space, as well as leading you through ritual and prayer.

You will learn how to call in the protective power of The Goddess and of Archangel Michael; the angel of protection.

Image about winter in ▪Whichy▪ by vickyp

5. Consulting the Tarot
20:00 (1hr) 29th June 2021

In this class you will be introduced to the Tarot; a key tool in the witches toolkit.

You will learn the basics of how to read both intuitively and with helpful pointers such as flow, colour and numerology.

The Tarot is a tool that can be consulted regularly as a way to make sense of situations, challenges or obstructions. You will find advice and support contained within the cards and recognise why the ancients' were so taken by symbol and image as ways to communicate with divine helpers and Gods.


8. Natural Remedies
20:00 (1hr) 10th August 2021

In this workshop I will be showing you how to make a range of natural remedies (using common herbs and vegetables) to help you heal from a fever, a cold, toothache, sore throat and more.

A chance to work with the spirits (metaphysical) and physical properties of the plants to aid in your health, healing and happiness.

This class is focussed on internal remedies (rather than topical).

NB: This is alll given with a disclaimer that I am not a doctor.

5 Types Of Witches - Wicca And Witchcraf

3. Spell-Weaving
20:00 (1hr) 1st June 2021

It's time to put your skills to the test with some spell-weaving.

Learn how to formulate a spell and how to weave them for success. We will learn finder spells, love spells, weather spells and others'.


We will also cover the rules of magic such as the rule of three, need above greed, gratitude and co-creation.

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Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

6. Consulting the Runes
20:00 (1hr) 27th July 2021

In this class you will be introduced to the Runes; another key tool in the witches toolkit.

Runes are a mysterious and often challenging tool to use as they must be learnt and practiced as we are present with just a letter or sigil and the meanings have morphed somewhat over time. However runes are powerful both in offering deep and mystical insight, as tools of divination, as a language and as sigils to create talismans and so they can not be left out of our toolkit.


We will start very simply - briefly exploring their history and then learning them through perhaps unorthodox but helpful means

Understanding the 7 Chakras.jpeg

9. Energy Healing
20:00 (1hr) 24th August 2021

In this class we will be diving deeply into the energies within and round the body. 

We will be exploring the Aura and the 7 energetic bodies, the Chakra's and we will be touching on the Meridians.

We will focus on trying to see, feel, and connect with these different forms of energy centres/fields before attempting to move this energy in order to help to heal others'.

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