Bringing dreams into reality; being conscious of your heart

The dreamer (perhaps even the very one we spoke to yesterday) suddenly seeks structure. The poet is seeking the pen. For there is a point when the ephemeral, flickering thoughts form into substance. A moment when the spacious awareness of the dream meets some resistance. An edge. And from this edge we begin to recognise our ability to realise the dream. Drawing it from the mind into the physical.

Our thoughts work around our new idea. Reaching through thousands of thought streams for justification, for corroboration, for experiences that show the brilliance of this idea, building on the dream form until the idea feels solid, feels strong, feels capable of actualisation. The imagination flows like streams of coloured thread all weaving and working their way into a condensed and solid ball. A clear concept has been birthed and you are ready to start creating.

You fingers hit computer key searching for new learning, a new house, a new job, a new opportunity, the construction of a new text or project. Inspiration accentuates the ‘rightness’ of these next steps. However we are not too whimsical to believe that it won’t take hard work. We have faced challenges in the past and lessons have been learned and so we recognise the need for a solid foundation, a clear structure from which to build our vision.

But there is something significant we need, an element we must attune ourselves to. And that is, that in the creation of every dream we must weave in our heart. This idea, this thought-form emerging, must be one that fills us with joy. For if we don’t love what we do it will either fail because we don’t want to actually do the work (whether this is a book, a project, a class, a job, a new role) or it will succeed and we will have to endure it without joy. Creating for ourselves a lacklustre existence.

And so to speak of following your heart is not to be seen as a cliché but to give you genuine direction. Direction designed upon a sensitivity to what you genuinely enjoy doing. For how will you endure many years, or perhaps a life time of work in an area that brings you no joy?

This is not to say that we won’t come up against challenges, or moments of frustration or sadness but it is the love that will see us through; for love is our anchor, our tether.

Reflection is needed on what we want to grow as we begin to lay the foundations of a new path or project or mindset. And a recognition that all our decisions should be made from the heart. Knowing the signs when something feels wrong, the tightness in the chest, the over-heating, the lack of passion or positivity.

So whatever the dream is, whatever new path is taking shape, when we make decisions and go through the creation process with joy and with love, we are then always working towards filling the cup of our heart. Because we don’t exist in the future. We live in this moment right now. We must live each day of this life.. and so it is not about chasing our destination (money, success, relationships, power) but enjoying the journey; being in love with the ride.

When every choice we make, every step we take (or as many as possible) is done with consideration, with joy and with love you will find that no matter where you end up, your life will have been lived in love.

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With love and light x

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