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Light Expectations

I feel inclined to begin this post today with some pre-emptive support for this time - leave room for the unexpected, make gentle plans and keep your immune system well-topped up as we lead into the summer solstice.

As we move closer day by day to the summer solstice, on the 20th June there are (as always) shifting astrological energies and these current astrological influences (peeking at the sun squaring neptune to the degree) may mean we have a little less resilience or energy than we may have hoped for in order to keep up with our summer expectations.

And so just being gently mindful that as the sun reaches its highest point in the sky – a time often associated with warmth, light, vitality and potential - many of us may be feeling the opposite: weakened immune system, unmotivated, and/or struggling to harness the brightness of the seasonal energy.

If you are experiencing this, you’re not alone. (I am writing this from bed. Having caught a covid)

And even the weather in England is looking somewhat downcast (another reason why many in the UK could be feeling lower than usual).

However just as the Earth tilts towards the sun, there are still ways we can align ourselves with positivity and growth.

And so if this year you happen to be feeling a little weakened or unmotivated here are some ways to help you reclaim your energy and sparkle!

  • Most important... remember.. this too will pass (ebbs and flows are natural - give yourself grace as you journey over the waves of life)

  • Create an achievable schedule: avoid over-committing yourself, plan in times for rest as well as book in exercise and nourishing activities (to support your overall well-being)

  • Mindfulness and meditation: Take time for reflection, connection to inner wisdom and peace (listen to my solstice meditation here)

  • Take immune supporting remedies (reishi, osho root, vitamin C & D), eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of fluids.

  • Spend time in nature

  • Reach out to high-frequency friends or loved ones

  • Stretch to qi gong, or move/stretch your body gently (to help the energy flow)

If you are feeling low or under the weather give yourself time to rest but also ensure you reach out for support (whether for mind, body or spirit) to keep you communicating and finding healthy ways to nourish yourself.

And for your inner-spirit needs.. here are a few solstice rituals to lift your spirits:

  • Sunrise Meditation: Start the day with a quiet moment, watching the sunrise and setting intentions for the months ahead.

You could even listen to my short summer solstice meditation on spotify here

  • Create a Summer Vision Board: Visualize your goals and dreams for the summer by creating a vision board. It can be a fun and creative way to focus your energy.

  • Light a Bonfire: If you have the space, a small bonfire or candle can be a lovely symbolic way to honour the sun’s power.

Embrace the Solstice, Your Way

The summer solstice is a reminder to us all of the changing, rising and falling nature of life.

Just as the days will begin to shorten again, so to our feelings of energy and motivation ebb and flow.

It’s okay to feel less energetic, and it’s important to be gentle with yourself during these times.

Use this solstice as an opportunity to check in with yourself, adjust your routines, and find new ways to embrace the season.

How will you be celebrating and navigating the solstice this year?

Wishing you so much light and blessings x


And don't forget, if you’re struggling with persistent feelings of fatigue and/or low motivation, don't suffer in silence, please do reach out to me (book a free 20 min call with me below)

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