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Embracing Aloneness

Do you ever long for a moment away from the world? An opportunity to reflect, or to be present, or to simply listen to the silence and feel the touch of the air against your skin?

It's a longing that resonates with so many of us as we navigate the whirlwind of our busy lives.

A deep desire for solitude, and a chance to find clarity away from the noise and distractions.

But perhaps this moment always seems just a little out of reach? .. Or is there a part of us that pushes it away because we fear what we might encounter within the stillness and the silence?

It is natural to wonder what emotions or truths might emerge when we remove ourselves from distractions and face our thoughts head on. And perhaps there is something inside that needs support and healing? If so, can you ask for support?

Or, if it is a fear of simply being alone, can we seek to separate aloneness from loneliness.

Embracing aloneness allows us to recharge, to connect with ourselves and find the peace that can support us on this journey (of life).

For it's in these moments of quietude that we gain clarity and perspective. We can sift through the many layers of our being and come into an understanding of ourselves on a deeper level.

There's no need to be afraid of what we might find.. within us lies incredible resilience, infinite love and boundless potential.

So, let us dare to step into that space of stillness.. and allow the silence to speak its wisdom to us.

Instead of fearing what we might confront, let's embrace the opportunity for growth, healing, and self-discovery when we listen to what's inside.

And.. we can discover that in moments of aloneness we are in fact never truly alone.

We are there.. and around us the Universe holds us within its' all-reaching embrace.

And so, when the air next touches your skin, notice it, feel the touch of the cosmos.. and know the importance of your place in this vast and beautiful fabric of life.

And so, reach for these precious moments of solitude. Make time for them.

For the silence isn't empty.. its full of answers.


If you would like support in accessing the power of aloneness, or hold fears of being alone or of the feelings you seek to avoid, allow me to be a guide on your journey to a place of love, peace and self-acceptance.

To begin your journey or to discover how I can help, use the link below to book a free discovery call.. it may just change your life..


Tansy Baigent is a Shamanic Healer

Specialising in:

- Spiritual/Intuitive Guidance Counselling

- Soul Retrievals

- Spiritual Guidance (connecting to spirit guides, ancestors, and/or channelling for greater personal wisdom and resources)

Book a free discovery call: HERE

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