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Creating Sacred Space: Smudging

Creating sacred space is a powerful personal and collective practice as it allows the setting of places that are attuned for deep spiritual connection and healing.

And in our busy lives having a regularly tended sacred space can provide a beautiful sanctuary for self-care, meditation, reflection and prayer.

It can be a powerful place where we can let go of the weight of the concerns we are carrying, reconnect with ourselves, and tap into the profound energies of the universe.

The creation of sacred space requires intention and ritual, and can be greater enhanced by the addition of smudging, incense, crystals or sound.

And today I am going to shine a light on the first of these; smudging.

What is Smudging? Smudging is a ritualistic practice that involves burning sacred herbs, often bundled into 'smudge sticks'.

The smoke purifies and resets the energies of a space and so smudging is a beautiful way to clear stagnant or negative energies and to invite in positivity, love, protection and clarity.

Creating Your Sacred Space:

  1. Choose Your Herbs: The most common herbs for smudging include sage, palo santo and cedar. Each has unique properties and scents; so do a little investigating to find the one that most resonates with you (I personally love sage for deeper 'journey' work and cleansing spaces and people, and palo santo for cleansing my tarot deck and burning regularly to clear myself)

  2. Set Your Intention: Before you begin, set a clear intention for the smudging ie. what energies do you want to clear and what energies do you want to invite in?

  3. Light Your Smudge Stick: Use a candle to light the end of the smudge stick. Allow it to stay lit enough to smoulder/have an ember, and where it is producing a fragrant smoke.

  4. Cleansing Ritual: Starting at the entrance, walk through each room, gently wafting the smoke (you can use a feather to waft the smoke, and use a small plate under the dried herb smudge sticks to catch the ash). Focus on corners, doorways, and areas where energy might feel stagnant. Keep expressing your intention of what you want to release and what you want to invite in.

  5. Express Gratitude: As you smudge, express gratitude for the cleansing and the positive energy you're inviting in.

  6. Put out Safely: When you have finished, extinguish the smudge stick safely in a fireproof dish.

Enjoying Your Sacred Space

When you have cleared and set the energies of the space, you might like to begin by connecting in with your breathing, and then bringing your awareness inside to discover what emotions, sensations or feelings you are holding in your body.

And spend some time in inner exploration and relaxation.

You might then like to do a meditation, some healing work, journal, or pray..


Tansy Baigent is a Shamanic Healer

Specialising in:

- Spiritual/Intuitive Guidance Counselling

- Soul Retrievals

- Spiritual Guidance (connecting to spirit guides, ancestors, and/or channelling for greater personal wisdom and resources)

Book a free discovery call: HERE

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