Eclipses and the Tarot: The Key to This Time

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The sun and moon locked in an eternal dance towards the briefest, momentary embrace.

A feathered brush of lips from father sun and mother moon before they spin away.

For that kiss the layers of space must momentarily thin, just enough to feel skin on skin. But in that moment, when the veil to the unseen is slim, we find ourselves closer to the Chaos, to the untethered power of the spiritual realms beyond.

So care is cautioned. This is a time to seek the Spirit within not to call to the spirits without.

This sentiment is harnessed by many ancient cultures throughout the World; with an Eclipse invoking fear not delight.

It’s clear that in viewing them they cause a disruption to the sequence of things, a sudden over-shadowing of the sun. And you can see how myths were borne of dragons, of wolves, of great cats chasing and consuming the sun.

And in these times we contend not only with the spirits finding their way through the veils, and a deep restructuring resonance rippling out into the World, we also face the challenges & opportunities which emerge from the fundamental changes to our life stories'.

In an eclipse the Self (the Sun) is momentarily hidden, the Psyche (the moon) is suddenly in full view. Our unconscious is being called to be viewed.

So how to navigate it?

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Or if you prefer to read then continue on below..

While the Eclipse took place in the early hours of this morning, it’s effects will still be felt until the final eclipse of the season, a lunar eclipse at the beginning of July 2020. And so this whole time is one for reflection, for gentle meditation, and for protection.

For direct advice we can turn to the Tarot, specifically to the Rider Waite deck.

In THE MOON card in the Rider Waite deck we see the power of the full moon, and the watery ocean of emotion, we see the path ahead, we see the howling dogs/wolves (the tame turning wild) and we also find an Eclipse (rays of sun around the moon).

To understand it we must keep in our awareness the card that follows, THE SUN, and what two cards precedes it, THE STAR and THE TOWER.

Eclipses change the story. As does THE TOWER. Struck by something that we cannot control, impacting the structures we have created, the boundaries we believe in, the systems we think are unshakeable. In the lightening struck tower; with its’ walls crumbling down we realize that nothing is certain, nothing is infallible. That change must happen.

We have witnessed this in real terms with the lightening strike on the towering edifice of the Washington Monument on the night of the Lunar Eclipse (5th June 2020). When the lightening strikes the tower and systems, the moods, the stories.. they all change. And this defines our relationship to THE TOWER, to whether we fear it or embrace it, and equally defines our relationship to Eclipses; how we feel about them is determined by how we respond and feel about change itself.

As our personal reality shakes, shifts, shatters, we fall into THE STAR where we experience our truth, the full delight of the starry heaven, see our place within the cosmos and feel its’ presence all around us. THE STAR reminds us that our drive to separate ourselves, to build our towers, to block out the magic only stifles us, only isolates us, only leads to stagnation and that the true insight is that in opening and being vulnerable and listening quietly we are able to feed our souls with something far more valuable than we could conceive and is a chance to remember the stars we are. That we are never alone, we are never lost, we are never abandoned. We are being invited in every moment to reach for the stars, to realise our divinity and to live within this awareness.

And from here we sink into THE MOON, to explore the psyche in order to change the stories that bind or block us. And change demands flow, change demands notice, change demands emotion.. and its important to recognize that feeling what we need to feel is part of the process. That our feelings remind us of what we believe and what we fear. And that those beliefs that no longer serve us can be observed, understood and let go.

But there’s also the knowing that even as we accept and experience change, we still need to mourn what is lost in order to have space to welcome in the new.

So after navigating the deep emotional lessons and watery depths of THE MOON we find rebirth in the new day. And beneath the golden orb of the full and warming light of THE SUN, we find our power, we experience the growth of letting go and we realise the beauty of the present, the beauty of ourselves and that trust will guide us where we need to go.

In this flow of the cards in the Tarot we are reminded that the sun always follows the moon. The day always follows night and the light always comes after the dark.

And so we cannot fear the dark, nor can we fear change, for they are a part of all that is, all that we are, all that we experience.

We have not been left without a paddle, THE STAR is that constant reminder.

So as we navigate the depths of our unconscious, as we release, as we grow and as we make strides to step into our power we must always remember our connection to the stars and our place in the cosmos - this is the key to it all.

These eclipses draw in all the processes of change, of trust, of the infinite and necessary flow between destruction and creation (shown in THE MOON by the winding path – how the straighter we can walk between the polarities of emotion and action the easier the process will be).

Be easy on yourself at this time, be kind and compassionate. Observe what is in motion and welcome the change, in all lessons we find opportunity. There is nothing to fear.

Do your prayers, meditate and feel, not force, your way.

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With deepest blessings


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