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Emerge from Slumber: Tarot for April

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Slowly, slowly we are emerging from the long sleep of winter. The darkness and emotional depths that have claimed us are slowly passing, the sun is rising and with it our bodies and emotions respond to the call of that life-giving orb. The flames that stoke our souls and warm the embers of our hearts’ desires.

Our drive to bring our will into action has been ignited. The dawn is always full of potential and here we are rising with the birds, songs forming on our lips. The possibilities of what the day will bring are alive within.

To tease out these terms we can see the cycle of the year within the cycle of a day.

The dawn of the year begins in April, and the morning stretches its’ tired arms through Spring into the midday sun of Summer, and as the sun begins its’ descent towards the horizon we will have moved into Autumn, and then we will find ourselves returning to the long night of winter.

And so here we are. At the very beginning of the zodiacal year and nothing is yet set in stone.

And as we pause here, with the golden sun lifting the mists from the mind it brings clarity and hope.. and it is time to plant seeds. To focus on what we want to harvest in the Autumn.

What this reading for the month speaks of is not to get trapped within the confines of our burdens, our daily obligations, our whirling thoughts, for, if this is where we only are to pay our attention, these are all that will grow and deepen.

And so, it is time to define objectives for the year ahead and in this moment right now to start to put them into practice, to create discipline around them, to be organized and committed. Our desires could be fitness, health, happiness, wealth, freedom, work goals, books to read.. but if we do not define them and we do not give time to them they will always evade us.

And so the themes of this month are about being focused, disciplined and laying the foundations and practices that will take us step by step towards our goals and as we move through the year we will see the change emerging from our hard work, discipline, self-organization and commitment. Can we release investing too heavily this month in overthinking (creating blocks to our potential – imagine that anything is possible) and being too emotionally firey (a drain on our energy). Try to find a sense of inner balance/stability, sit alone for a good amount of time and clearly map out what you want to grow/commit your time to this year, then pull out your diary and put in defined times when you will be working towards these objectives (exercise, self-care, reading, writing, romance, creativity, learning something new…).

Imagine that you are the Emperor of your life, you rule over your kingdom.. you decide what you want and what you don’t want and without overthinking, limiting yourself or being over-emotional its time to stand in your power and focus on being the leader of your life.


If you would like to book in with me for a personalised reading this month then simply click here for more information.

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