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Tarot Spread for 2023

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

What does the Tarot tell us about the year ahead, and what advice does it bring?

The Chariot (which lies at the centre of this spread) is the collective card for 2023. The other cards in this spread I pulled for the year.

The Chariot is a card of curiosity, anticipation, and forward momentum (once all the sides of us are in alignment over the direction that we want to go). However before we move its important to spend time in stillness/awareness of what it is that we want to give attention to. Use your intuition and heart to determine your readiness, as opposed to just your head.

The Ace of Swords is our challenge for the year and can be there to highlight that we may be caught in spending too much time trying to intellectualise a decision (trying to ‘think’ our way toward a direction), or we may be driven in 2023 by a desire for success (which may feel that its’ lacking), or we may find ourselves awaiting divine inspiration without recognising that we have the power to create change for ourselves.

The Page of Swords is our advice. And here we find an encouragement toward dreaming.

And encouragement to seek out what inspires you. Not simply for progress but for the love of being carried away with a thought an idea, a contemplation, a good book.

Can you be comfortable for a time not focussing on direction, but instead gathering the possibilities.. bring in some whimsy, some creative endeavours, perhaps even poetry. Write, dream, think for the sake of being in the imaginal, rather than to ‘make progress’ or ‘achieve success’. Which book have you been wanting to read forever? Make now the time to dive in - you never know what it might inspire within you.

And this year we are invited to release The Devil, which speaks to those anxieties, or fears, or worries, or moments of self-condemnation that seek to pull us down, or keep us low.

Don't hesitate to seek the support you need if you have been struggling to raise your spirits alone. Let this be the year that you choose... to decide that you are ready to let go of limiting or negative beliefs. That you are ready to stop living in lack, in fear, in regret or in darkness - With this card, the Universe is inviting you to be happy.

Invest in your wellbeing, rebuild happiness. For this it may be wise to book in regular counselling support, life coaching or spiritual guidance. Clear away that which is holding you back and discover all the ways you can feel in your power and your joy.

And finally this year we are encouraged to invite in the 10 of Pentacles. A card of abundance and the recognition and appreciation for what we have and can create. Through this card we are being shown that we can live from a place of positivity and power and sometimes it is simply a change of mind or belief.

With the 10 of pentacles invite in feelings of material abundance, self value, and familial abundance (close friends, family, pets).

This spread shows that 2023 may be a rich and powerful healing journey, which can lead us from darkness into the light.

I wish you all a beautiful journey around the sun during 2023.

If you would like a private tarot reading for this year to help you gain clarity or to support you in releasing attachment to what has come before then you can book by clicking the link below:

If you would like to book in guidance or counselling (click the link below), I offer many tools to help you to find and release your negative beliefs and to reach into your essence and shine with the power of who you truly are. As a channel I can ask what support is able to best serve ‘you’ and will bring you these answers in the ways in which you need to hear or feel them.

If you would like to work with me, follow the link in my bio (and select one of my offerings or e-mail me:

With all my blessings for the New Year x


Tansy is a professional wellbeing practitioner and healer, specialising in:

Tarot, Shamanic Healing, Empowerment Coaching

and Guidance Counselling.

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