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Is the World feeling tough right now? This might be why...

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

After some time away from doing the cards for the World, I felt called today to share the reading.

Tarot is one of the most beautiful tools not just for guidance but to remind you (if you ever lose touch) that magic exists.

With many practices this magic can feel subtle or uncertain, but with Tarot, Runes, Shamanic healing - the existence of a deeper reality beneath the one you think you know becomes so directly apparent.

So.. what do the cards say?

We are all facing a time of great learning, a time where we are being schooled in an intimate understanding of who we are, what we need, and what we most desire.

The great teacher (The Hierophant) is in charge. And the lessons, in this grade of our school of living, are not going to be easy. In fact, they are amongst the toughest we’ve faced - this might be around our relationships, our health, our sense of security, our progress or purpose… but what it comes down to is our relationship ‘to’ experience itself and a healing of our relationship with ourselves.

When things are hard we are forced to look at how we navigate heavy challenges, big changes, things breaking apart, loss of; money, home, work, relationships.

We are being called to notice what happens ‘within’ when we are thrown into turmoil?

And such self-assessment is super important right now as the challenge we are collectively facing is ‘breakdown’ (The Tower) - which could present itself in many ways: emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, situationally…

A collective ‘falling’ towards the great hollow abyss of fear, uncertainty, doubt, despair, self persecution…

But in fact, when we ‘let go’ we discover the abyss has a bottom and we can use it regrow (anew).. this is not destruction for destruction sake.. it is transformation. A clearing so the new can emerge.

A breakdown is an opportunity for a break through…

And through this process the power to transform comes from recognising that we have a choice (2 of swords). We have a choice of how we respond. And if we can’t see the choice, be patient.. come into stillness.. let the emotions settle and the mind calm.

It is all a case of perspective..

To see the choice, to know there is another side is to realise that the situation itself is neutral. And so it is ‘us’ that determines whether the situation is good or bad..

But how can we tell?

What about all those times when something which seemed so ‘bad’ lead to something good (perhaps beyond what we could have imagined) and those things that we thought were so ‘good’ that lead toward challenging consequences.

Life is neither good nor bad. It just is.

And although we don’t realise we are doing it, we are already making a choice, we choosing to see something that happens as bad..

…but can we see that it could be good?

We may not be able to see how, we may not ever know in what ways.. but all that arises in our life sets us on a path and that path is our progress. Our experience is our reward..

Life is not about what we own, or how much we have accumulated, or even about being secure.. it is about living and experiencing, trusting and dancing with the great unfurling of our life.

And so can we challenge our perspective.. can we adjust our outlook on what we think we need (what is ‘good’ or ‘not good’) .. and recognise (and trust) that sometimes we might not know what that is..

And perhaps… it may turn out to be that if we hadn’t lost, we would never have gained the very thing we needed most in this lifetime..


Tansy Baigent is a professional Tarot reader, spiritual counsellor and offers intuitive guidance to support you in wherever you are in your life.

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Jul 03, 2022

Read this in Kauai on my hammock by the sea - so timely for my heart <3


Melissa Barringer
Melissa Barringer
Jun 17, 2022

Thank you, Tansy. Beautiful reading 🙏

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