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The Magicians' Eclipse

Today the moon passed between the Earth and the sun, and because of an extraordinary feat of physics and magic, despite its' small size when viewed from Earth it appears identical to the size of the sun.

And so, when the moon falls into alignment between us and the sun, it hides the sun from us, and we will experience a total solar eclipse.

It's a powerful metaphor.

Now for the next two weeks we will be held within an eclipse window - the period between two eclipses - and in this window the stories of our life can change. These can be incredibly significant, or be a noticeable turning point in our lives. So it's always good to pay attention.

To mark this eclipse and the window I pulled a few cards to take a look at what we are all working on i.e what is the theme of this eclipse in our lives. And to take a look at how best to work with the energy. I also look at what may need to be let go of and what we may wish to invite in.

It is my hope that this reading will be helpful in riding the energetic waves and changes of this time.

So, to begin, I invite you to meditate on an image of a magician.

Just considering what a magician does, who they are, how they feel, what they believe. You may think of an illusory magician (like you may see performing on a street) or a true magician as detailed in storybooks.

Perhaps we have thoughts of magic, creative expression, talent, skill, the power within, wielding the power of the universe (magic), a conduit of power, distorting perceptions of reality, ego.. now what if I was to say that the over-arching theme of this eclipse window for us all is The Magician.

Take time applying these magician traits to what we are all experiencing, learning, meeting in our lives.

Perhaps you will experience some moments of real magic showing itself as serendipity, perfect timings, chance encounters or offerings.

But most of all it feels that over the next two weeks the situations we will meet and the areas in which we will be being encouraged to grow will be around how we know and express our own unique and creative power.

The ways to support us in stepping into our power, and to value who we are and what we can offer may not be easy but we will gain the greatest gift - the realisation that we are magicians.

If you've ever been inspired by Harry Potter, or The Matrix, or Avatar, or have every dreamed of discovering that you are a powerful being, then this is the time to realise that isn't fantastical dreaming.. you are magic... and the path is realising it.

So with The Magician an inspiring theme, what is it we can do to support our journey?

The answer - to be cautious of moving into overwhelm, anxiety, over-exhaustion or collapse. This is the time to take care of yourself, recover, rest, relax, slow down, connect with the World (resists isolating yourself from it).

If you feel tired, let yourself rest, if you are exhausted let yourself sleep, if you are needing to heal - spend time tending to your needs in slow and self-caring ways.

And, if you can, do this and yet inspire yourself to go out into the World to connect with nature, to connect with others'. You don't need to force any shine, simply be present and aware of the movements of your emotions and how you see the World - keep stirring, keep softly moving... going slow without sinking.

And as we connect with the spirit and magic within, and the emotions and sensations we feel.. I invite you to be conscious of letting go of any sense of lack, of comparison to other, of poverty, misfortune or victimhood. You may have been injured (either physically or metaphorically) but listen to the advice above - rest and restore but do not believe that you are a victim or that you are in a place of lack. Our beliefs hold magic and believing in our own misfortune will keep us attached to the pain, without letting us heal.

And we have been called to connect in with Strength - to invite it in.

In the tarot, the Strength card speaks of inner strength, of inner power, inner resilience, of courage. It is the golden heart of the lion; not the lion itself. The beating heart of loving power. It is love that will give us courage. Love that will give us strength. Love that will connect you with your highest potential - your power - that which you already are.

The Magician.

With a heart of gold.


The eclipse window closes on the 5th May with a Lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

Keep attuned throughout to all that is being stirred within you - trust the process.


Leave any comments below or on Instagram with your experiences during this time - remember, stay connected.

With love, light, magic and strength I wish all the best for you all during this time.

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1 Comment

Melissa Barringer
Melissa Barringer
Apr 26, 2023

I absolutely love this reading, Tansy. Perfect. Thank you!

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