Sunday 'Tarot' Spread

Sunday Tarot Spread - advice to help us navigate this time

This spread is all about learning to navigate the darkness. That with stillness & silence we can find access to a clearer perspective & more balanced emotional state.

There is the suggestion (princess of swords) to choose wisely where we direct our attention (can we afford to watch less news? Be more discerning about how much time we spend on social media?) so that rather than reacting to every move & every story; we instead find a quietness within, we react less & focus on a longer term outlook. There is a patience required here.. and an acknowledgement of a greater transformation.

The world around us is darkening, a long night is descending. But it’s around us (outside us) it is not ‘within’ us. It’s our ‘thoughts’ that bring the darkness in. If we can perceive without worry, we can begin to find our way through the dark & retain the peace within. We can hold our centre & respond from a place of stillness & grace.

We are in the midst of change & challenge (5 wands), & it may feel we are being wrestled from every angle, or are unsettled, uneasy, lacking control or direction. It’s a confusing time.. But this is why the princess of wands is so powerful, she shows us how to respond. It’s about becoming more like the owl - to not be afraid of the dark, to be quiet inside, to be present. To be patient. To follow our wisdom rather than reaction.

4 pentacles shows that there is a need to be resourceful. To nurture what we have & hold dear. To be disciplined with our material resources - to help keep us sustained & nourished.

And this card is also about our connections, & our community. No one needs be alone, there is support available. And we can be a great support for others’.

But remember, there is no expectation on you, there is no right or wrong. This is just an offering. To help redirect your attention (by possibly switching off all technology for a while) to help us feel the true stillness within. It can help to keep us well, to keep us strong, to keep us courageous & balanced throughout all that is whirl-winding around us.

These cards are for us all.. we are all in this together.

With love x

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