Sunday (Tarot) Spread

*Sunday Spread for The World (as individuals)*

So, the cards today feel like a little bit of a blessing, a much needed simple reflection of these times when so much that comes through appears distorted.. Like my earlier post of the day, people have been fretting and fearing, not knowing where to place their focus, where to lay their trust.

So let's look to the Tarot to find out what our situation is? And the advice?

So the situational cards are the Ace of Pentacles, the 8 of Pentacles and the Ace of Wands.

The situation then is one of hope, one of individual change; a new opening has emerged. We are being presented with a new opportunity

This opportunity, this opening, is a chance to grow.

This time then is best spent developing our skills. Learning, engaging with something that inspires us. What is it that you want to master? What is it that you truly want to do/accomplish? If you could start over again, what would you do? What is it that makes you happy? What is it that you would be willing and able to commit your time to? The desire for fulfilment is present in almost all of us - and to know what would bring us closer to the truth of what we truly want is by listening to our heart.

With Venus in the evening sky her voice is calling to your heart. What do you love to do?

Because when we begin on the work (whether this is inner or outer/ or both) and dedicate ourselves to the pursuit a new creation/life will emerge. Something new will grow from this passion. The Ace of Wands in three words.. pure, positive potential.

There is an opportunity here to begin to manifest the life that you want. And we can do that behind closed doors, because all we really need to change is our minds, and all we need to develop is ourselves...

Image: Soul Cards Kristine Fredheim

And the advice? The advice is The Hanged Man.

We are stuck, in limbo. Unable to do anything, restricted. Limited. Bored. Hanging out perhaps with little to do.


We have time to dream. In the quiet we can hear our truest desires, we can see possibilities, we can venture into the unexplored realms of our hopes and passions. We can make progress in turning these into a reality.

What has changed? Just your perspective.

You can change your situation from a limitation to an opportunity just by changing your thoughts..

If you can trust that where you are is exactly where you should be for your highest good (and growth), how can you utilise it? How can you make use of this time, rather than resenting it?

In every moment we have a choice, a choice to continue down the same path or a choice to deviate. To look with fresh eyes, to see beyond self-imposed limitations.

To know what it is that you truly want, you need to be still, there needs to be silence. Because the answer is not outside of yourself, it is within.

There is a strong silver lining? And that is to see that our restriction could be a blessing and not a burden, if we simply choose to see it that way...


These cards speak of 'change' and 'emerging potential'. Give yourself time to open, to listen and to act...


I hope that this can help you during these times..

With my deepest and warmest blessings x


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